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Mikro Papigo village Zagoria: Mikro Papigo is amphitheatrically built on the steep slopes of Mt Timfy and can be reached after approximately 3 km further up from Megalo Papigo. Apart from the scenery, the village itself has a remarkable beauty as well. Right after entering, the visitor comes across the central cobblestone square. Along the stoned alleys, there are many great exponents of the Zagorian architecture, also made of stone.

Most of these houses and mansions have two stories, ornate chimneys and large courtyards. The important church of Agioi Taxiarches is also in Mikro Papigo. All these have contributed in order to declare the whole Papigo as a national historical monument. Apart from strolling around the houses and visiting the church, another popular activity there is trekking. Many visitors start from the square and head to the shelter of Astraka, passing by four stone fountains.

Regarding the accommodation options, Mikro Papigo provides some small pensions if you want to spend the night there. If you want to make some arrangements for your stay, you can contact the representative office of the Mountaineering Refugee of The Greek Mountaineering Climbing Union (EOS) in Mikro Papigo. There are also traditional taverns offering Greek food, coffee and spirits in the village. Mikro Papigo is located 61 km north west of Ioannina town.

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