Syros Kyveli Institute

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Location: Ermoupolis

Spotted near the center of Ermoupolis, a town intertwined with culture, the Kyveli Institute in Syros is a non-profit center of culture and arts, the function of which is to collect and preserve the history of 20th-century theater through the eyes of the famous actress Kyveli Andrianou!

The institute consists of two main buildings, namely the Kyveli Mansion and the main exhibition space. The Mansion is a museum-like representation of Kyveli’s early work and personal life, showcasing letters, clothing, photographs, and various documents! On the other hand, the exhibition space hosts the 20th-century Panorama, featuring plentiful exhibits that are related to Kyveli’s work and surroundings. Its main area also has a studying spot and an open-air space, making it able to house exhibitions, workshops, and a variety of other events! Plus, many exhibits are centered around her relationship with Georgios Papandreou, a former Prime Minister of Greece.

Past events include an exhibition of the 200th anniversary since the start of the Greek Liberation, the Thalasea photography exhibition, and a plethora of poetry evenings. Moreover, the Kyveli Institute has ties to an array of high-profile institutions, collaborating with the Benaki Museum, the University of the Aegean, the National Opera, the National Theater of Northern Greece, and the Department of Theater Studies at the University of Athens, amongst others!

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