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Koronos in Naxos is located 28 km from the capital, at an altitude of 540 meters, in a picturesque valley full of vegetation.
The village lies in a dramatic setting. It is built on a crevasse, and two distinct halves to it face each other. On one side, you will notice the vineyards sitting on the hill divided by walls.

The charming layout and traditional architecture compose unparalleled scenery. The houses are divided into seven neighborhoods which communicate via labyrinthine cobblestones.

Nearby Koronos is standing the Church of Panagia Argokoiliotissa, whose feast is celebrated every Friday after Easter Sunday with a great religious festival full of music, dances, food, and wine. There is also a fantastic large church dedicated to Saint Marina in the center of the settlement. An all-night revelry takes place on July 17th, the date when she is celebrated.

A Folkore Museum is housed in a stone venue and exhibits items locals used in their everyday activities during old times.

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1 Review
  • olkadrop35 05 Aug 2008
    A lovely mountainous village
    We discovered Koronos by chance, while we were lost in the countryside of Naxos and were looking for our way back to Chora. It was a lovely village, it reminded me of the mountainous villages that we normally see in the Greek mainland. There you will see some old houses that should need reconstruction, narrow routes to climb up, lovely stairs and gardens with nice flowers. We took some pictures, had a Greek coffee at the traditional coffee shop in the square and got ready to leave. People were old and didn't know English but somehow, amazingly, they gave us the right directions to go to Chora!!