Chania Tourism

The prefecture of Chania is an increasingly popular destination among tourists from abroad and Greek visitors. The westernmost part of Crete Island, Chania is a region filled with beautiful sights, naturally-formed landscapes, and lots of activities that can keep visitors entertained and always in search of something new!

Upon visiting Chania by ferry or airplane, one of the first things guests have the opportunity to explore is the fantastic Town of Chania! The capital of Chania, Town has a rich history that extends back thousands of years. It has been conquered multiple times over the years (namely and most importantly, the Venetians and the Ottomans), making it a multicultural seafront town, something that is evident by its peculiar architecture.

Since it is surrounded by water, its Old Venetian Harbor and imposing Lighthouse of Chania carry lots of significance, besides being two of the Town’s most important sights. Also, visitors can wander around the Town and stop by one of many wonderful inner-town spots, such as the Archaeological Museum of Chania, the Venetian Arsenals, and the fascinating Etz Hayyim Synagogue in the Jewish District, all of which paint a detailed picture of the Town’s background!

Besides the Town’s sights, plenty of other spots in Chania deserve more praise and recognition than they already receive. For example, the seaside Kissamos Village is one of the area’s finest destinations. Accommodation options in Kissamos range from camping sites to five-star gems, given its array of beaches and proximity to some of Crete’s finest seashores, like Balos and Gramvousa!

Furthermore, southern and rural Chania is spectacular, too! The impressive White Mountains make Chania an excellent spot for trekking and hiking, as one may also explore the area’s extensive list of gorges, including the stunning gorges of Samaria gorges, Imbros gorges, and Therissos gorges. In addition, the village of Sfakia is one of the most widely-known authentic villages on the island and Elafonisi Beach will take your breath away with its enchanting colorways and unique pink sand!

Chania is an ideal choice to enjoy meals and courses in restaurants of any budget level, including both local cuisine options and high-end flavors. While most establishments are situated in Chania Town, several traditional-style eateries and taverns using local products can be spotted in every corner of the prefecture!

Another integral part of Chania, due to the large number of tourists and university students it hosts, is its bustling nightlife! Hosting plenty of intriguing bars and some clubs open throughout the year, the region is considered by many to be one of the greatest places to visit, should you prefer an intense vacation time!



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