Hydra Church of The Assumption

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Location: Town

A minute away from the port of Hydra, the Cathedral Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is one of the most important sights on the island, functioning as the impressive Metropolis of Hydra! Once a women-only monastery, the Cathedral used to be a crucial meetup spot for liberation fighters during the Greek War of Independence.

The church is a three-aisle basilica hosting a large octagonal dome in its center, built in the style of Byzantine monasteries of the time! It features grandiose interior decorations, including gilded candelabras, an iconostasis with gorgeous silver-and-gold icons, frescoes, hanging censers, and large candle or oil lamp chandeliers, while the two side aisles are dedicated to honoring Agios Charalambos and Agios Nikolaos! Plus, it has two imposing bell towers, constructed in 1806 and 1874, and a fantastic temple, all of which boast beautiful marble designs!

Housing the Ecclesiastical Museum of Hydra and the island’s Town Hall, the Cathedral Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is only available for some liturgies, wedding purposes, and funeral services throughout the year. In addition, its exterior spaces host the tomb of navy hero Lazaros Koundouriotis, alongside sculpture busts of himself, admiral Andreas Miaoulis, King George I, and ex-mayor of Hydra Antonios Lignos!



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