Hydra Tetsis Museum

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The fascinating Tetsis Museum of Hydra is housed inside the old residence and studio of Panayiotis Tetsis! Donated to the Historical and Ethnological Society by the late painter himself in 2007, this exciting structure was once a small grocery store, made evident upon entering the museum!

The museum features vivid, colorful walls, and its interiors are decorated with countless paintings and various artworks of Tetsis himself! Its ground floor also has a bedroom and a couple of dining spots. In contrast, the first floor has a hallway with awards and a collection of paintings on paper, a secondary bedroom, and the artist’s main workspace, hosting a plethora of stunning exhibits!

Tetsis Museum is open daily from 10:00 to 16:00 during the high season. Entrance to Tetsis Museum is granted with a ticket from the Mansion of Lazaros Koundouriotis!

Official website: www.nhmuseum.gr



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