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If you travel along Peloponnese, in Greece, you should definitely visit Kalavryta. This small mountainous town can give you peace, calm, breathtaking natural beauty and plenty of historical places to visit. It takes approximately three hours to reach the town of Kalavryta, which is accessible through daily buses and cabs from Athens or Patras. You can also take the funicular train from Diakofto that runs up to Kalavrita through the stunning Vouraikos Gorge.

There are also numerous bars and cafes all over Kalavryta Greece and visitors have far too many choices to spoil themselves. They can have a drink at the cafes and bars or taste the local food in restaurants with extremely picturesque ambiance. Kalavryta is also an exciting place for sightseers. It offers all kind of sights, from religious monuments to historical landmarks. It provides a wonderful opportunity for travelers to learn about Greek history at its various stages.

Some of the more interesting and famous places are the Monastery of Agia Lavra, the Heroes of the War of Independence monument, the Monastery of Mega Spileo, the Massacre Memorial, the Cave of the Lakes, the Palace of Paleologina, as well as plenty of other sights.

If you like skiing in winter, then you have to make a trip up to the Helmos Ski Centre and hit the slopes. With over 7 ski lifts and 12 ski-runs, it is a brilliant skiing experience for both experienced and novice skiers. The ski center also offers a variety of hiking and trekking trails in the warmer months. Kalavrita has a wide range of options for a visitor to do.

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7 Reviews
  • Aitor_A 28 Oct 2009
    Take the cog rail
    Kalavryta is a small village but, in my opinion, it is a great choice for vacations, especially during spring or autumn. And that's because the whole area has an unusual natural beauty. So maybe spring is the best time to go, with all the environment green and healthy, not too hot, not too cold season.

    Kalavryta has traditional restaurants and places to have a drink or two, but nothing like wild nightlife and clubbing.

    The best thing to do, and honestly a must do, while you are there, is the 1 hour trip with the cog rail. The cog rail covers the distance between Kalavryta and Diakofto, a village nearby. The best part is that trip with the cog rail. The train crosses over stunning natural sceneries, with heavy flora, scrambler plants, willow trees, many small rivers and waterfalls. I had no idea there were actually so beautiful places in mainland Greece.

    After we made our way back to Kalavryta later in the evening, we learnt that you can actually walk through that area that we saw from the train and that there is a tiny village around the middle of the train route. Not sure if there is a place to eat or actually relax there, or is it just some houses, not idea about the narrow street either, but if that was true, then walking through that place, would be just an magnificent experience!
  • green33 26 Mar 2009
    Best ski centre in Greece
    I had been in Kalavryta for skiing in Christmas. Aaaah, it was so crowded that we were waiting for half an hour to get a table in the coffee shop!! And then we were waiting for another half an hour for our coffees to come!! Anyway, probably it was just a bad day because the next day of Christmas people usually go excursions, like we did. Skiing though was excellent! The centre is so big that you almost see nothing else but white snow wherever you look at. They say that Parnassos has the best skiing centre in Greece, but I think Kalavryta has an even better one.
  • ta55yus 20 Nov 2008
    Wonderful Mega Spileo
    On our way to Kalavryta by car, we met a truly wonderful monastery: the Monastery of Mega Spileo. It is built right on the edge of a rocky mountain and gives great views of the area. Its architecture is pretty unusual for a monastery, but this makes it so special. It is built around a cave where a holy icon of Virgin Mary was accidentally found. The cave can be visited till today and there is a representation of this discovery. It is said that the icon was painted by Apostle Luke. The history of the Monastery is old, as it has been burnt down and rebuilt many times. Today I think it has only a few monks, as we saw only two of them there. Just opposite it, there is a cafeteria to have some rest.
  • vasilisel 24 Sep 2008
    The best weekend
    I had the best weekend in Kalavryta last month! We went to visit a friend that works as a teacher there in the primary school and we found a great small village with nice sights to see and a big square to relax. A plane tree stretches its branches all over the square and offers valuable freshness in the middle of a hot summer. The Monument of Holocaust is a holy place, it was too much quiet when we went, almost spooky. Also definetely go to the Cave Lakes. At night, you will find some bars there and people are very funny and talking.
  • vasilikiang 28 Jun 2008
    Another face of Greece
    I was there two months ago in May for a weekend excursion. The route among high mountains and lush greenery was really refreshing. We went by car because we wanted to make excursions. In any case, the cobbled train was going only half way up, due to repairs. At half of the route after taking the road from Diakofto to Kalavryta, make a stop at the restaurant-cafe "To balconi tou Krassou", you will drink your coffee with an excellent view above: mountains at first sight and the sea, at the background. Then you find the Monastery of Mega Spileo, with a very impressive architecture built right in the rock. Get some rest and enjoy pure nature! Kalavryta is a small town, do not expect anything special. However, you will love the paved roads and the big square with the plane tree. Drink your coffee, listen to the fountain and buy some souvenirs. Agia Lavra is the second important monastery to visit in the area. Also, go to the Lake Caves, about 15km from Kalavryta. They are usually open until 4 in the afternoon. To tell the truth, you will not find impressive sights in Kalavryta, but it would be worth to see some other face of Greece, other than sandy beaches and sunburnt tourists.
  • dimitris567ny 23 Apr 2008
    Say hello to my granny
    To me nothing in the whole world is more beautiful than the view from the edge of Vouraikos. I am Greek and I live abroad but my origin is from Kalavryta. So, when I went there with my family last month, I was moved by the beauty of the scenery. We spent only a few days in Kalavryta but they were enough to explore the area and remember the memories of my childhood. I was impressed with the ski centre, which certainly gives a special vibe to the town, and with the restoration of some old mansions. When you go, say hello to my granny, she lives by the old school. You will see her sweeping the front yard.
  • bevchc 19 Feb 2008
    A nice place for skiing but not only
    I was positively surprised by Kalavryta.
    I sometimes go for snowboard when the snow is not too bad. I usually go to Arachova but it is more for the excursion than for the sport. It is very crowded there so not always enjoyable. And I hate the ambiance up there as it is totally cheap neo-bourgeois (or bo-bo for the French speaking people) and with loud music. Nothing that can make you feels closer to the nature. But I guess many Greek people have forgotten what this word means, or maybe have never heard about it. They are more interested in what Jeep they will show themselves in and in what super clothes they will wear even if it the first time they will try skiing and maybe the last.
    So, bored to see that, I have decided a few weeks ago to go for snowboarding at Kalavryta, just for one day.
    We took a car and the trip was really comfortable as the roads to go there are really new. Except of course from the part of the Corinth-Patras road which is a nightmare. While getting up in the mountain, the landscapes were really amazing. The slopes looked really nice too. I was happy to see some trees on the slopes. There was a family ambiance with people like you and me. No loud music there. The only problem was that the slopes were really small compared to Arachova but Arachova is so crowded that at the end, it is quite the same.
    After the snowboard we went to the little village of Kalavrita to have something to eat. The ambiance in the village was really nice too and with people walking in the streets and shopping. We went in one of the many restaurants and the food was excellent. We then went for "loukoumades" and Greek cofee at the rail station, in an authentic Greek coffee shop.

    All the experience was really great. I hope to go there again soon. This week end even Athens was under 20 cm of snow. Hopefully the quality of snow there will be great.