Kalavryta Architecture

The historical town of Kalavryta in Greece combines the timeless traditional architecture with the stunning landscape. The first thing one can admire in Kalavryta is the natural environment and rich history, religion and strong folklore tradition. Of great interest is the local architecture of Kalavryta that can capture all visitors. The villages and town make a beautiful synthesis of narrow streets, stone-built houses with tiled roofs, the lush forests and the traditional buildings.

Houses are small and simple and some exquisite samples of stone architecture are found in every corner of Kalavryta. The public buildings are quite spacious with some neoclassical features. One of the most important monuments is the Holocaust Museum housed inside the Municipal School.

Some kilometers away from the center of Kalavryta you can visit the historic Monastery of Agia Lavra which lies in a scenic environment full of lush trees. Of high interest is the Palace of Paleologina constructed in the 15th century. The most impressive structure in Kalavryta is the legendary Monastery of Mega Spileo built on a steep side of a mountain. The architecture of the monastery reminds of a fortress and today it is considered a cultural monument.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional architecture.