Kalavryta Map

Kalavryta is one of the most beautiful mountainous towns in Peloponnese, mainly preferred by visitors during winter suggesting a plethora of activities. It is located in Achaia prefecture built on the hill slopes of Mountain Helmos on 750 meters altitude. Kalavryta is characterized by the wild mountainous landscape, streams, gorges, traditional settlements, and historical monuments. The astonishing beauty that lays throughout the whole region is the typical aspect of Peloponnese.

Of high interest are the inhabited monasteries in Kalavryta like the monastery of Agia Lavra and the historical monastery of Megalo Spileo, located close to the town. Kalavryta is mostly known for the dramatic events that took place there in 1945 when the Germans troops executed many people. Today, the town has healed its wounds and welcomes visitors into a pleasant and cheerful environment which is quite fascinating to explore.

This section proposes a map of Kalavryta with all the major locations.

Meanwhile, view a map of Kalavryta and where is Kalavryta.

Map Of Kalavryta