Kalavryta Geography

Kalavryta is a mountainous town with an interesting history, located on the slopes of Mount Helmos. Built at an altitude of 750 meters, the town is surrounded by high mountainsides and lush greenery that consists mostly of plane trees, fir trees, and cypress trees. In winter, Kalavryta gets pretty popular as a tourist destination mostly for the ski center that is found 14 km from the town.

The nature between Kalavryta and Diakofto is amazing, as it is crossed by the gorge of Vouraikos. Vouraikos is actually a river that runs between Mount Erimanthos and Mount Helmos. Along its way, it creates a 40-km long gorge, the Vouraikos Gorge. This gorge can be crossed with the cog train that works between Kalavryta and Diakofto.

The geography of Kalavryta consists of rivers, mountains and beautiful spots with a great view. This unique combination can be found only in the regions of Greece. Another marvelous geological phenomenon just 16 km from Kalavryta is the Lake Kastria. This cave lake is full of stalactites and stalagmites and, according to mythology, it was inhabited by nymphs. As the region around Kalavryta is rich in water, there are a lot of plane trees. A lovely village to visit is Planitero, where water is affluent and nature is at its best.

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