Kalavryta Vouraikos Gorge

The Gorge of Vouraikos in Kalavryta, in the Peloponnese: Vouraikos River flows between the east side of Mount Erimanthos and the west side of Mount Helmos. This 40-km-long river creates a deep gorge. According to Mythology, Hercules was in love with Voura, the daughter of Nefeligeretes and Eliki, who lived in the sea. He opened then this passage to reach the sea and meet her. The river was named after her.

The gorge starts at around 3 kilometers to the south of the village of Kato Zachlorou and extends between Diakofto and Kalavryta. Many streams enter the Vouraikos River at various places and create numerous waterfalls in the process. The width of the gorge varies at different places. The gorge is highly important for the natural habitat of the region and has a variety of flora and fauna.

There are numerous waterfalls and forests that line this gorge and make a hike through it. The gorge also allows you to drive alongside its steep cliffs and near-vertical drops, on the Diakofto-Kalavryta road. The funicular train also takes you through this picturesque gorge, on its way to Kalavryta.