Kalavryta Helmos Ski Centre

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Location: Town

Skiing in Kalavryta: Just 15 kilometers far from Kalavrita, on Mount Helmos you will find Kalavrita Ski Center, an extremely popular ski resort equipped with all the modern facilities. There are ski shops, restaurants, a cafeteria, and even a medical center. It offers 12 runs with a total length of 20 kilometers, 7 ski lifts which can accommodate up to 5000 people in an hour and ski-runs which cater to all levels of skiers.

There are two ski lodges at a height of 1,800 meters and at 2,440 meters respectively. The higher lodge provides a magnificent view of the Gulf of Corinth. The ski center started in 1988 and over the years, it has come to offer visitors much more than just skiing. There are the 1400m long Stiga trail 1 and the even longer 2200m long Stiga trail 2 on offer, along with a variety of other options such as off-trail skiing, cross country skiing and snow tubing for visitors of all ages.

Skiers are advised to rent equipment in the town, not the resort because prices can be rather exorbitant there. Also, the resort is immensely popular and can get crowded at times. Scenic trails and breathtaking views are the hallmarks of this magnificent ski center. Quite popular with locals and tourists alike, be sure to book in advance if you are visiting and looking to stay overnight.



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