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Kalavryta Town: Kalavryta is about 3 hours drive far from Athens, located in a mountainous area in the Peloponesse. It is a small town surrounded by lush green forests and steep mountains. Kalavryta is an important part of the Greek history. In March 1821, the Greeks decided decided to start the War of Independence against the Turks, in the hereby Monastery of Agia Lavra an due to this event Kalavryta became the symbol of the this war.

However, Kalavryta suffered a great massacre in December 1943 when the Nazi troops entered this small town and killed all the male population. After a long period of sufferings, the families managed to survive and keep their local traditional alive to this day. Today, Kalavryta town has a nice tourist infrastructure without spoiling the natural beauties. The tourist facilities include accommodation and food options as well as gift shops are spread along the town providing a nice variety of souvenirs.

The area offers plenty of activities, especially in the winter such as ski in the beautiful mountains of Kalavryta. Helmos Ski Center has become the hallmark of the area and attracts thousands of tourists every winter located in close distance to the town.

Vouraikos Gorge is another well-known attraction. It extends between Mount Helmos and Mount Erimanthos. Its 40-km long river crosses a forest land of steep cliffs and forms waterfalls. If you are not fond of trekking, you can cross this gorge by the funicular train the goes to Diakofto town. Among the historical sites of the area, it is worth to visit the Monument of the Holocaust, the Palace of Paleologina, the Monastery of Agia Lavra and the Monastery of Mega Spileo.

Kalavryta town can be reached by road or rail from Athens and Patras. There is a regular bus connection and a train that goes till Diakofto, where you have to take the funicular railway. All in all, Kalavryta offers a great variety of things to do in your winter holidays.

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Hotel3 stars

In the center of Kalavryta city, with 2500 people and 750 meters height, you will find Ahilion Hotel, which has 20 rooms, double and triple, fully equipped. The hotel has bar with fireplace and breakfast room.



Hotel Suites1 stars

Each floor allocates perfectly different rooms from the other floors and three rooms allocate also fireplace. They comfortably allocate 14 single-bed rooms, one four-bedroom, two triplex rooms, and 12 twin-bedded rooms. All rooms allocate autonomous heating, hot water 24 hours a day and telephone ...



Hotel Suites3 stars

Overlooking the central square of the city, with the architect aesthetics and perfect traditional construction, our hotel is at your disposal, ready to give you unforgettable moments every season of the year. It has 10 rooms and 2 suites with all the comforts. The hotel also a marvelous spacious ...


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2 Reviews
  • Bren Kriegel 02 Feb 2022
    Thank you for this important history
    Thank you for this important history.
    “First they came…” we must never forget the false
    “Us vs them” mentality as we are all one.
  • Bill Rekouniotis 04 Jun 2021
    Beautiful and historic monastery
    Beautiful and historic monastery.