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You will find one of the most beautiful Greek islands in the Ionian Sea. The diverse landscape of Lefkada is so attractive and unspoiled that many people keep coming for holidays every summer. The island opens its doors to visitors through a small drawbridge from the mainland and the first stop is the charming capital of the island.

Due to the wonderful beaches and the mainland drive, Lefkada tourism is very developed. This is actually an island that does not need a ferry trip, as it is just a short drive from mainland Greece. Lefkada Town has a central square which is the focus of activity. Shops and taverns line the square and street vendors set up shops to sell a variety of things, from sugar candy and balloons to food, books, and drinks. People of all ages, locals, and tourists, stroll through the narrow streets to gather at the square and chat up with acquaintances or have a quiet dinner with friends in one of the taverns there. It does paint alluring imagery of bucolic life that leaves you with some unforgettable memories from your holidays.

Beyond this town, the island opens up a string of beaches, little port towns and fishing villages that nestle on hillsides covered in olive groves. The villages offer a panoramic view of the island and the waters below, and for those with a flair for photography, Lefkada provides some fantastic photo opportunities.

Driving further from the town, one of the first beaches to arrive is Kathisma. A large beach of fine pebbles, Kathisma is full of beautiful rock formations and amazing crystal water. For those looking for organized beaches on their Lefkada vacations, Kathisma is the right place. Parasols fill the beaches, and there is a flurry of activity everywhere from paragliding to snorkeling excursions. Other beaches to enjoy in your Lefkada vacation are certainly Egremni, an amazing sandy beach that needs to descend many many steps to go there. However, the high abrupt cliffs, the soft sand, and the crystal water will reward you for this effort on your vacations in Lefkada.

Moreover, Agios Ioannis, a beautiful beach on the northern side of the island, is a popular place, particularly for windsurfers. The wind there in the afternoon is perfect for watersports, particularly for windsurfing and kite surfing. One of the most exquisite beaches on your Lefkada vacation is also Porto Katsiki. But, over the recent years, the number of visitors has swelled considerably and driving through the narrow winding road can be quite a pain, especially in high season. But if you can discount the crowds, the beach itself is absolutely lovely with large waves breaking on the shores that are shaded by soft limestone mountain.

No Lefkada vacation is ever complete without a visit to the eastern coast of the island. Much more developed than the rest of the island, the most important village is the busy port of Nidri, which has come under the heavy onslaught of package tourism. The port is crowded with little boats that take visitors on day trips around the island. Despite development, Nidri is still one of the most beautiful places on the island and its landscape, overflowing with natural beauty, never fails to fill visitors with admiration.

The area surrounding Nidri is a combination of mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, resorts and vast fertile plains on the island that extends toward hinterland with its olive trees, pines, and cypresses making it one of the most picturesque areas on the island.

To make the most of your Lefkada vacation, do not miss the chance to visit some of the villages on the island. From the port of Nidri, your holiday can be enriched with boat trips to close Ionian islands, such as Meganisi, Kastos, Kalamos, Skorpios, and some smaller uninhabited islets. This gives visitors the chance to see more landscapes during their vacation and unwind on a boat in the blue sea.



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