All 26 Lesvos Sightseeing

Here are all the Lesvos sightseeing that we suggest. Have a look on various attractions that you can see during your visit in Lesvos, such as churches, monasteries, museums, castles and other sights.

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All sightseeing in Lesvos

Location: Mytilene
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The beautiful church of Saint Athanasios is located right in the center of the town of Mytilene and has a remarkable structure. It dates from the 17th century and the bell tower has Gothic elements. This is the Cathedral of Mytilene.

Agios Therapon
Location: Mytilene

This church is dedicated to Saint John the Healer. It is located in the centre of Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos. The church is a three-aisled basilica with an impressive architecture of Neoclassical and Renaissance elements. The church was built in the 19th century and has beautiful icons.

On the northern side of Mytilene, amidst pine trees, there is the Ancient Theatre of Lesvos. Originally built in the Hellenistic times, this theatre has undergone many reformations throughout its operation.

Location: Mytilene

The Archaeological Museum of Mytilene is housed is two buildings, close one to the other. It hosts findings from excavations performed all over the island, such as small statues, Prehistoric items, parts of ancient temples, coins, jewerly and others.

Byzantine Museum
Location: Mytilene

This museum opened its doors in 1978. It houses some rare Byzantine icons as well as vestments of priests, pieces of screens from various churches, manuscripts, ecclesiastical books and other items.

The island of Lesvos has about 200 caves and many of them are still unexplored. These caves are strongly associated with the Neolithic times and indications show that they were used as places of worship.

Location: Mytilene

Housed in the renovated building of the old Port Authority of Mytilene, this museum houses various items related to the history and culture of Lesvos, such as everyday life objects, traditional costumes, clay vessels as well as rare book editions and manuscripts.

Fossil Museum
Location: Sigri

This interesting museum is located right at the entrance of the Petrified Forest, 12 km from Sigri. It presents the evolution of plants on Earth from 3,5 billion years ago till the appearance of developed plants.

Location: Chidira

The Georgios Iakovidis Digital Museum is the first fully equipped digital art museum in Greece located at the painter's birth place in the mountainous village of Chidira Lesvos. Ever since its opening in 2008, the museum has become an important attraction for the region.

Monastery of Taxiarhes
Location: Madamados

This monastery is located in Madamados, northern Lesvos. It was built in 1700, restored in 1879, and it is dedicated to the saint patron of Lesvos. The tradition says that the icon of Taxiarhes in this church was made of clay and the blood of some monks, slaughtered by pirates in the Medieval times.

Museum of Olive Oil Production
Location: Agia Paraskevi

Located in the village of Agia Paraskevi, central Lesvos, the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production is housed in an old communal olive press. It aims to present the technological development in olive oil production along centuries.

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At the port of Sigri, there is a Castle constructed by the Turks in 1757 to protect the village from pirates. This castle is small, square in shape and has typical Arabic architecture.

Location: Varia

This museum was founded in 1965 by Stratis Eleftheriades. It houses 86 paintings by Theophilos, a local folk painting, that belonged to his personal collection.

Traditional House
Location: Moria

The Traditional House in Pamfila village is actually a folklore museum created by the Women Association of the village. Pamfila is found 7 km to the north of Mutilene and 2 km from Moria. The museum includes wooden furniture, old photographs, tools, textiles and other items.

Valide Tzami mosque was built in 1615 and is located at the fascinating port city of Mytilene, which is the capital of Lesvos Island.

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Yeni Mosque is an important historical monument of the 19th century that is located the district of Epano Skala, Mytilene Town. This is the largest Muslim mosque in Mytilene.

This forest, 12 km from Sigri, is a rare natural site and was petrified because of the intense volcanic activity of the area. In 1985, it was officially declared a natural monument.

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The Castle of Mytilene was originally built in the Medieval times but it has undergone many transformations by the Genovese and the Turks. This is one of the strongest castles in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Location: Kaloni
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This monastery was founded in 1523 and was used as a spiritual centre during the Ottoman occupation. The large halls of the monastery have been turned into an interesting museum, housing various treasures and marvels. The monastery also houses a rich library with more than 15,000 documents and 450 manuscripts that date from the 9th and 19th century. Women are not allowed to enter the monastery.

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This Roman Aqueduct dates from the 3rd century AD and constitutes one of the first big technical accomplisements of the late Roman architecture. It opened as an archaeological site in 1995.

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The Castle of Molyvos stands on top of a hill with pine trees and offers gorgeous view of the area. This is a strong castle with many signs, coat of arms and other distinctive elements.

Location: Andissa
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This Byzantine Monastery of Ipsilou was founded in the 9th century AD to honour Saint John the Theologian. It is located on the way from Andissa to Sigri, at an altitude of 511 m.

Location: Plomari

The World of Ouzo Museum of Isidoros Arvanitis is located in a wonderful olive grove just few minutes from the village of Plomari. This distillery, with more than 120 years of function, has a long tradition in ouzo production and exports its ouzo to 30 countries around the world.

Location: Plomari

This museum actually works as a distillery and presents the process of producing ouzo, a traditional beverage of Lesvos. You can also taste and buy ouzo there, the traditional beverage of Lesvos.

Location: Thermi

This monastery is said to be miracle-working and hosts the skull of Agios Raphael. It was built on the site of two previous monasteries and this is a sacred place of pilgrimage. Saint Raphael is the protector of the island.

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Birdwatching is very popular on Lesvos. Although there are many birdwatching spots all around the island, the most famous is the salt lakes close to Kalloni, in the centre of the island.

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