Lesvos Iakovidis Digital Museum

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Location: Chidira
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The Georgios Iakovidis Digital Museum in Lesvos, Eastern Aegean: The Georgios Iakovidis Digital Museum is the first fully equipped digital art museum in Greece located at the painter's birthplace in the mountainous village of Chidira, on the island of Lesvos. This museum accumulates the work of one of the most notable painters in the history of contemporary art, shedding light to the life and work of this prominent painter of the 19th century (1853-1932).

Ever since its opening in 2008, the museum has become an important attraction for the region. This digital museum was created on the initiative of the G.N. Papadimitriou Educational and Cultural Foundation as a way to honor the home of his ancestors and to set a reference point for technology and art. With an extensive variety of digital media, electronic systems like TFT screens, touch screens and cinema screens, the museum aims to become a special mean for the development of the education system. All works are presented in digital form.

The museum focuses on the educational activities for all school levels aiming to bring students closer to art through several workshops and documentaries on Iakovidis life and career. Born in 1853 in Chidira, Georgios Iakovidis studied in the School of Fine Arts in Athens and then with scholarship in the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In 1900, he became the director of the newly-founded Greek National Gallery and in 1910 he became director of the School of Fine Arts in Athens. He organized many exhibitions in Greece and abroad and won many acknowledgments for them. He is considered among the most influential artists in Greece.

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