Lesvos Molyvos Castle

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Location: Molivos

The Castle of Molyvos (or Mithimna) on Lesvos, Eastern Aegean: On top of a hill filled with pine trees, above Molyvos village, on the northern side of Lesvos, there is a strong fortress that dominates the area. The Castle of Molyvos stands as a great historical monument for the whole island and as one of the most well-preserved castles in Eastern Mediterranean. Open to the public, this castle and the castle of Mytilene are the most famous and strongest of Lesvos.

The Castle of Molyvos (or Mythimna) was probably constructed in the mid 13th century and it was renovated in 1373 by the Genovese Frangisk I Guateluzo. However, it also went under reformations by the Turks in 1462, so it is evident that the architectural style went under many changes.

This is a well-constructed fortress with strong walls, signs, coat of arms and other distinctive elements. The Castle is divided into many levels, connected to each other with paved paths. The entrance door of the Castle is made of strong wood, covered by metallic tables. In summer, this site hosts many festivals and cultural events, such as musical concerts, lectures, and theater performances.



1 Reviews
  • than78 14 Feb 2011
    Unique sunset view
    The picturesque village of Molivos is crowned with a medieval fortress. This is a historical monument that stands on top of a hill. It is a strong characteristic of the island attracting thousands of visitors every year. The castle is an adornment for the village and it was built in the Byzantine times. It is definitely worth a walk through the three gates and along its walls. We were impressed on how well preserved it was, after all these centuries. Today and mostly in the summer months, several celebrations and cultural displays take place. This altitude offers a magnificent view from up there and a unique Aegean sunset, the best theme for your photos.