Lesvos Archaeological Museum

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Location: Mytilene
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The Archaeological Museum of Lesvos, Eastern Aegean: The Archaeological Museum in Mytilene is housed in two buildings. The old building is located near the port and constitutes the former residence of Achilleas Vournazos family. This three-storied house was built in 1921 and has a fine Neoclassical architecture. In 1965, the Greek State bought the building. In 1985, the Ministry of the Aegean was housed there and the archaeological collection was exhibited in the basement. When the Ministry was moved in 1991, the collection was rearranged in the entire building.

This building houses findings from excavations in the entire island. These findings date from the Ancient till the Roman times and include tombstones, parts of ancient temples, relief sculpture, marble or stone statues, coins, heavy objects of daily use, jewelry and findings from excavations in the cave of Saint Bartholomew.

In March 1999, a new building opened in the area of Kioski Mytilene, in a walking distance from the old building. This building of modern architecture is located close to an excavation area where remains from a temple of Aphrodite came to light. This building presents the historical course of Lesvos island from the 2nd century B.C. till the 3rd century A.D. On display there are mosaic floors of ancient Roman villas, everyday objects, and statues with a religious character.



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