Dodecanese Festivals

Information about the Festivals on Dodecanese islands, in Greece but also information about the festivals and panigiria in many islands of the group: Dodecanese islands are famous for their traditional customs and historical wealth which are shown throughout the beautiful feasts and festivals organized all year-round. Musical events, local fairs, and religious celebrations are performed and they are extremely popular in the Greek world. The Dodecanese is known as one of the locations with the best festivals in Greece!

Religious festivals

August 15th

August 15th, the feast day of the Dormition of the Virgin, is the largest religious celebration in Greece. As there are many churches in the Dodecanese dedicated to Virgin Mary, all those Greek islands have celebrations that day. The largest celebrations take place in the village of Olympos in Karpathos and in the Monastery of Tsampika in Rhodes.

November 8th

This day celebrates the Monastery of Panormitis, the protector of Simi island.

August 23rd

This day celebrates the church of Panagia Harou in Lipsi and receives many pilgrims from neighboring islands.

Cultural events

Summer cultural festivities take place on all Dodecanese islands. These festivities include musical concerts, book fairs, theatre performances, and art exhibitions.

Rock Climbing Festival in Kalymnos

An International Rock Climbing Festival takes place every September in Kalymnos, considered among the best rock climbing destinations in the world. Climbers from many countries come to conquer the mountains of Kalymnos and Telendos, the small neighboring island.

Medieval Rose Festival in Rhodes

Established in 2005, the Medieval Rose Festival takes place every summer on Rhodes island, including various exhibitions, concerts, theatrical plays, and other events.

Religious Music Festival in Patmos

The Religious Music Festival of Patmos island gathers various artists from the international and Greek music scene as well as world-famous choirs. The festival is held under the Cave of the Apocalypse in Chora Patmos.

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Festivals in the Dodecanese islands

Information about Festivals and events in some of the islands of the Dodecanese:

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