Syros Tourism

Syros may not be the first destination one would think of when it comes to holidays in the Cyclades; yet, its unique architecture, aristocratic air, wonderful restaurants and crystal-clear waters are more than enough to change that! Tourism in Syros is a unique experience, as it combines the cosmopolitan with the traditional element.

The main attraction of Syros is the architecture of its capital, Ermoupolis. A stroll through its enchanting alleys will sooner or later lead you to the central square, on which the Town Hall of Syros is built, the work of the famous architect Ernst Ziller. Nearby you can also admire the Apollo Theatre, which is like a miniature of the Scala in Milan, and the Pallas Cinema.
At some point during your wanderings, you will find yourself in the Vaporia Quarter, the former aristocratic neighborhood of Syros, where you will come across many neoclassical houses, and properties of former wealthy families. It is these buildings that distinguish Ermoupolis from the other capitals of the Cyclades islands, which are built according to the traditional Cycladic architecture.
As the capital not only of Syros but of the entire Cyclades island group, Ermoupolis is considered a center of culture. This is clear both from the points of interest located in the city and from the multitude of cultural festivals that are organized every year, with music, dance, theatre and cinema as the main attractions.

Ano Syros is located above Ermoupolis and is the second most renowned region of Syros. It is a settlement founded around 1200 by the Venetians and maintains its Venetian character to this day. Its main attraction is the Catholic cathedral, which is reached by passing through whitewashed houses. It is also the birthplace of one of Greece's leading rebetters, Markos Vamvakaris, in whose honor the Vamvakaris Museum was founded.

The most famous beaches of Syros are those located in the coastal resorts of the island. Galissas is considered the number one choice, with Agathopes and Possidonia following. Other favorite beaches of visitors include Vary, Megas Gialos, Kini and Delfini.
All beaches have clear blue waters, and there are also some accommodation options near them, mainly rooms to let. Of course, most of the hotels are housed in Ermoupolis, the heart of Syros. That's where you'll find the island's few deluxe options.
Kindly note that numerous beaches in Syros are remote and non-organized, allowing guests to relax in a tranquil setting.

As for where to eat while in Syros, again, most options lie in Ermoupolis and Ano Syros.
There you will find mostly traditional tavernas and fish taverns, but also a few fine-dining restaurants.
Finally, if you are interested in trying the island's traditional products, don't forget to leave some space after the meal for dessert! An inextricable part of tourism in Syros is trying the local products, namely loukoumi and halvadopita, both sweet with unique flavors!



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