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Book your car with us at the best prices! offers car rentals in Santorini from the airport, port (Athinios), Fira capital town, and many other locations.
We ensure the lowest market prices and continuous assistance to our customers when looking for the ideal car rental through our numerous collaborating car rental companies. Both local and major car rental agencies in Santorini, operating in different areas, are included in our partnerships.
Moreover, our collaborators are easily accessible and provide a wide range of conveniences to our clients. An employee can deliver the car to your hotel, the port, the airport or any other place upon request.

Additionally, you can choose to pick up the car from a place of your preference, i.e. a port or airport pick-up. That way, you will have it delivered as soon as you arrive, without having to use public transport or wait for a taxi in order to get to your hotel.
Our agents offer perfect customer services and after-sale support and can assist you with sightseeing and visiting suggestions and, in many cases, can provide you with a map; otherwise, you can request a GPS for an extra charge.

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We cooperate with many Santorini Car rental agencies and can secure the lowest-priced available options for your trip to Santorini.

How does our service work?
Our service does not operate as an instant booking system. Greeka collaborates with numerous vehicle rental agencies. We consult with all our partners until we secure your voucher at the best possible price.

What if no agency accepts the booking?
In the rare case of a non-fulfilled voucher, we refund the full payment you made with us.

Some of our prices

Mini, 3-5 doors From €14.5*

Economy, 5 doors From €16*

Compact, 5 doors From €22*

Compact - Automatic, 5 doors From €24*

* The above prices are per day, for 5-day rentals and more, during the low season.

Why rent a car?

Santorini is one of those islands where a vehicle (car, motorcycle, ATV) is strongly recommended and will enable a smooth exploration of the area at your own pace. Santorini is the top tourist destination in Greece, boasting numerous villages and beaches; thus, a car is the best way to enjoy a carefree holiday on this phenomenal island.

The public bus transportation system (KTEL buses) connects the capital of Fira with other villages and the port. Although it is a considerably cheap way of transportation, it is definitely not the best way to move around. The greatest disadvantage of public buses during summer months is that they get overcrowded and timetables can be unreliable.
Furthermore, note that the KTEL buses only connect the capital town (Fira) with the other villages. As a result, there is no direct route from one village or a beach to another, so transits at Fira central bus station are unavoidable. This might be time-consuming and confusing. Also, buses only operate until 22:30.

Taxis, on the other hand, are another option for transportation. Again, due to the large number of tourists during summer, they get booked or hired immediately, so it is recommended not to count on a taxi in order to visit several places during your holiday. In any case, you can book your private transfer with us.

Note that Santorini has a moderate size and distances do not exceed 30-40’ by car. It is an island with many fascinating areas to discover. Apart from the main touristy caldera villages of Oia, Imerovigli, Fira, and Firostefani, driving with your car to a volcanic beach, a remote winery, an authentic tavern in the mainland, or a village out of the beaten path will enrich your visit and insight on the island.

Therefore, having your own rental car in Santorini is an ideal, time-saving investment.

Driving conditions

Driving in Santorini is not considered very challenging compared to other islands. The island has a safe road to its most extent, with a network connecting every village and beach. Also note that due to its volcanic origin and the steep cliffs of the caldera, there are a few zig-zag parts (namely the road from Athinios Port to the central road, and a small part from Fira to Oia) where you will need to be very careful.
You might notice a lack of road signs, but due to the island's average size, you can not get lost easily. Using GPS is always helpful. Furthermore, take into consideration that during the night there is hardly any street lighting.
Last but not least, while driving, you will pass by many wonderful viewpoints, so have your cameras ready!

Available gas stations

Upon receiving your vehicle, make sure to check the fuel tank and verify whether it uses Diesel or Unleaded. When you return the car, you will be asked to deliver it with a full fuel tank. There are more than 15 gas stations around the island (i.e. Shell, Avin, Eko, Aegean, and others). Many of them are located around Fira, but there are plenty in other places as well.


Parking in Santorini is very convenient. Cars are not allowed inside the villages, so almost every village (such as Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, and Fira) has one or more designated free-of-charge parking areas right before the settlement. Parking spots are indicated with a blue street featuring a “P” letter in a square. Note that most hotels in the caldera villages do not possess a parking lot. Moreover, parking on the street is frequently permitted unless there is a no-parking sign. Make sure that you don't block traffic, though - especially the bus street routes.

What to do & see with a car?

Apart from the main tourist villages of Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli, Santorini has many amazing places, beaches, and villages to discover by car. Three routes that combine different attractions and places to visit are listed below.

Minoan Site of Akrotiri - Red beach - Lighthouse

A 15 km drive from Fira will lead you to the Minoan Site of Akrotiri, one of the most significant archaeological sites in the Cyclades. The site of Akrotiri is a Bronze Age settlement considered by archeologists one of the most sophisticated of ancient times. It prospered for centuries before getting buried under volcanic ash. Less than 4 km from there, one can locate the stunning Red Beach - a spectacular spot to dive into clear waters while admiring the vibrant colors of the volcanic soil that blend with the azure waters of the Aegean sea. The tour excursion to the south part would be incomplete without a visit to the Lighthouse at the very edge of the island. For the romantic souls, that comprises a perfect sunset spot away from the bustling caldera.

Emporio - Perissa beach

Emporio is a traditional village on the mainland of Santorini. It is located a little less than 10km by car from the capital of Fira. The settlement has beautifully paved alleys for strolling around and admiring the local architecture. Churches, domes, towers, and ruins of a Venetian castle are some of the attractions of the intriguing village. Furthermore, at just a 3 km ride away, lies one of the most popular Santorinian beaches. Perissa is a long sandy beach with many restaurants, cafes, and facilities where you can spend an unforgettable day.

Pyrgos village - the wine roads - Profitis Ilias monastery - Metaxy mas tavern

Pyrgos village is considered a hidden gem. Only 7.5 km south of Fira, you are able to immerse yourselves in a place of authentic Santorinian color and lifestyle. Make sure to take your time and wander inside this picturesque village. After that, take your car and explore the broader region, famous for producing the Assyrtiko wine. The landscape is wonderful, with vineyards scattered all over the place, creating the famed Santorinian wine roads. There are numerous wineries and estates that welcome visitors for a guided wine tour. Lastly, we suggest continuing your way up to Profitis Ilias Monastery, where you can enjoy a panoramic view. At dinner time, book a table at the “Metaxy mas” tavern, one of the most unpretentious Greek taverns, serving local recipes to die for!

Some Local Car Rental Agents

Car L.T.D

Car L.T.D

Situated in Fira, Car L.T.D. offers excellent car rental services. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on your needs, from manual and automatic cars to stylish open cars and minibusses that are suitable for groups. In addition, private transfers and shuttle services are available so that you can easily be transferred to the port and the airport, your hotel, or other spots around the island.


With a convenient location near the airport, Autocenter offers a wide variety of vehicles. Mini cars and minibusses, SUV cars, deluxe cars, and numerous other options are available for all needs and budgets. The company also offers private shuttle service to and from the two ports and the airport. If you need something special for a specific occasion, such as a wedding car, Autocenter has you covered!


Axion offers its services in Akrotiri. With over three decades of experience in rentals and shuttle service, the company provides all kinds of vehicles: manual and automatic cars, open cars, mini cars, and other modern options are available at affordable prices. Port/airport - hotel shuttle service is also offered, as well as private transfers to cruise ships, landmarks, and other destinations.
Easy Rentals

Easy Rentals

The fleet of Easy Rental consists of all kinds of vehicles, including both manual and automatic cars, minibusses, SUV cars, family cars with seats for children, and more. The company’s offices lie in Perissa and Perivolos. Port and airport transfers can also be arranged. Combining convenience and low prices, this agency ensures a stress-free experience!


Eurodollar offers manual or automatic cars, minibusses, mini cars, and numerous other options. Although the company’s offices are located in Fira, it is possible to receive your vehicle at almost any location. Founded in the 1980s, Eurodollar has all the experience required to offer excellent car rental services, personalized to match your needs.
Santorini Holiday Cars

Santorini Holiday Cars

Located near the airport in Kamari, Santorini Holiday Cars allows you to have your car in Imerovigli, Firostefani, Perissa, Oia, the port, or the airport. Manual or automatic cars, minibusses, and other options of high quality are available depending on your budget and preferences. It also offers transfers, even for large groups of passengers.


For more than three decades, Sunbird has been offering its services in Imerovigli. The company boasts a wide variety of modern automatic and manual cars with many amazing features. Mini cars, open cars, ATVs, motorbikes, and minibusses are only some of the options available to choose from. You can pick up your vehicle at the port, the airport, and numerous other locations all around the island.


Sunrise company is located in the village of Karterados but offers several convenient pick-up locations around the island. You will have a variety of options, including but not limited to automatic, manual, mini, or open cars, and minibusses. The company offers more than 70 vehicles in total, all in excellent condition.


Cars, ATVs, quads, buggies, and other modern vehicles are available by Vazeos in Oia. You will find both luxury and economy vehicles, as well as limos for private transfers and cars suitable for special events, such as weddings. At the same time, the company offers private transfers and shuttle services, with pick-up points at various locations.

Drossos Car & Moto Rental

Economy cars, deluxe vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, buggies, scooters, and other options for all budgets and needs are available from Drossos offices in Oia and the Port of Athinios. You will have the opportunity to get your vehicle at your location of choice among various spots. The company’s fleet is modern and additional services are also available, including wedding cars, private tours, and VIP transfers.


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