KTEL Buses in Santorini

KTEL buses in Santorini are the most affordable way to move around and the only type of public transport available on the island.
Several routes every day can take you to several villages, the port, the airport, and other touristy locations.
Although bus schedules change regularly, KTEL buses are considered reliable and numerous visitors choose them for their transfers.
View the bus routes on our illustrated map.

Bus tickets

The prices for bus tickets range from €1.80 to €3.00 and are determined by the length of the route. Certain categories of passengers may be able to get a discount after showing the relevant papers (families with three or more underage children, individuals with disabilities & students).
Tickets can be bought directly from the driver and only in cash (€). Purchasing tickets in advance or using them on a different route is not possible.


The buses are comfortable and air-conditioned. Each passenger picks a random seat. In certain cases, when a bus gets too crowded, some passengers may have to stand or wait for the next bus instead.
There is storage space under the bus for suitcases and other bulky luggage, which you can use for free after purchasing your ticket.
On the other hand, smaller bags can be stored inside the bus in overhead racks or under your seat.
KTEL buses are not suitable for wheelchair users.

Getting to your destination

All direct bus routes lead to Fira, where the Central Bus Station lies.
From there, you will have to switch buses to get to any other location on the island. There are no circular routes from one side of the island to the opposite one, except for a few seasonal itineraries (directly to the airport, for instance) that are not always available.
Bus drivers may skip some less popular stops, so if you wish to get on/off the bus, let the driver know in advance or sign.


Bus schedules change regularly and the official website may not post an updated schedule; it is best to keep your program flexible and find the exact bus schedule when you arrive. Alternatively, you can contact the KTEL company directly (via phone or email) ahead of time.

Bear in mind that during the high season (May to September), buses usually depart every 30 or 60 minutes.
During the rest of the year, bus routes are scheduled once per hour or even less frequently, depending on the time of the year.
During the off-season, buses stop around 19:00 or earlier, but in the summer, they may be available until 23:00 or even later.
Night buses (from 00:30 to 05:00) may also be available for a slightly higher price, however, that is not guaranteed.
Note that some routes may only be available from Monday to Friday during the off-season months.


Below, you can find more information on destinations you can reach by car, ticket prices, availability, trip length per route, and more.

Important note: Availability may change, depending on the season. During winter, most buses stop around 19:00.
More in-between stops may be available for some of the routes.
Always double-check the timetables when you arrive at the port/airport. You can also get information on www.ktel-santorini.gr or www.santorinibus.com.

  • • From Fira to the Airport (Airport Express)

    Availability: From 7:00 to 19:00 (weekdays) and 9:00 to 15:00 (weekends)
    Stops: No stops (direct)
    Price: €1.80
    Duration: 10'

  • • From Fira to Akrotiri

    Availability: From 8:30 to 21:30, usually one bus per hour
    Stops: Fira - Karterados - Messaria - Vothonas - Pyrgos - Megalochori - Akrotiri - Red Beach
    Price: €2.00
    Duration: 20'

  • • From Fira to Athinios Port

    Availability: Changes daily, depending on ferry arrivals
    Stops: Fira - Karterados - Messaria - Vothonas - Athinios Port
    Price: €2.30
    Duration: 20'

  • • From Fira to Baxedes Beach

    Availability: Seasonal, around five routes per day
    Stops: Ν/Α
    Price: €1.90
    Duration: 15'

  • • From Fira to Emporio

    Availability: One or two routes per hour. Alternatively, take the bus to Perissa until the stop at Emporio.
    Stops: Ν/Α
    Price: €1.80
    Duration: 30'

  • • From Fira to Imerovigli (circular route)

    Availability: Approximately one bus route per hour, from 8:00 to 22:00
    Stops: Fira - Imerovigli - Firostefani - Fira
    Price: €1.80
    Duration: 30'

  • • From Fira to Kamari Beach

    Availability: From 07:30 to 00:15 during the summer
    Stops: Fira - Karterados - Messaria - Exo Gonia - Kamari
    Price: €1.80
    Duration: 20'

  • • From Fira to Monolithos Beach

    Availability: Seasonal, from three to ten bus routes per day
    Stops: Fira - Karterados - Messaria - Airport - Monolithos
    Price: €1.80
    Duration: 20'

  • • From Fira to Oia

    Availability: 07:00 - 23:00
    Stops: Fira - (Pori Beach) - (Koloumpos Beach) - Oia
    Price: €1.80
    Duration: 30'

  • • From Fira to Perissa Beach

    Availability: From 07:00 to 21:00
    Stops: Fira - Karterados - Messaria - Vothonas - Pyrgos - Megalochori - Emporio - Perivolos - Perissa
    Price: €2.40
    Duration: 35'

  • • From Fira to Vlychada Beach

    Availability: Seasonal, from three to ten bus routes per day
    Stops: No stops (direct)
    Price: €2.30
    Duration: 20'

  • • From Fira to Vourvoulos

    Availability: Seasonal, around two bus routes per day
    Stops: No stops (direct)
    Price: €1.80
    Duration: 15'

If you are not contented with bus availability in Santorini, consider booking a private transfer or renting a car online, in advance.


Discover a simplified map with the most popular bus routes in Santorini:

Santorini buses

Map with the bus routes