Folegandros Things to Do

What to do in Folegandros, Greece? Chilled-out atmosphere, small picturesque settlements and no crowds of tourists to be seen nearby. Folegandros is certainly not your typical Cycladic island!
This undiscovered Aegean gem is ideal for an alternative kind of vacation, away from all the hustle and bustle of other more popular islands. On the island of Folegandros you will be able to relax and enjoy the quiet setting as time slows down.
Don’t be discouraged by the island’s small size; there are various spots to explore. Secluded beaches, traditional villages, paved paths, cafes and restaurants with panoramic sunset views, yoga and scuba diving sessions, this island has all it takes to make it to your favorite destinations.
For an even more laid-back travelling experience, visit it during the spring or autumn to avoid the high summer temperature and hike your way to the island’s most beautiful isolated beaches with ease and comfort.
Get ready to make memories on a Greek island like no other and let us help you organize your to-do list!