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Ano Meria Village Folegandros: The picturesque village of Ano Meria is ideally located to the northwestern part of Folegandros Island. The village is within close proximity to Chora which is only 5 km away.

Visitors to the village are spellbound by the scenic beauty of the village which is replete with lush green fields. This village is scarcely populated which means there is plenty of breathing space.

A leisure stroll through any of the villages well defined walking paths can be a refreshing experience. The village, which has just 350 residents, has still preserved their age old traditions and heritage.

No visit to the Ano Meria village is ever complete without a visit to the splendid Laographic museum. The museum symbolizes the quintessential cottage house, consisting of the principal house, the oven, cellar as well as the winepress and a miniature vineyard. The typical image of a rural complex is right in front of your eyes.

There are numerous cozy tavernas and you should make it a point to savor the local delicacy, matsata. It is basically a handmade pasta.

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