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Chora Village Folegandros: The traditional setllement of Chora is located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level. The nearest port Karavostasi is also close by and is a mere 3-4 km away.

Chora is conspicuous by its meandering streets and alleyways. There are many squares which again are distinct trait of Folegandros and the Cyclades islands. The houses are whitewashed and rather well maintained.

In fact, Chora happens to be one of the oldest medieval towns in the whole of Cyclades. The edifices are all built close to one another, thereby making the exterior wall of the castle (Kastro). One must note that the Chora is out of bounds to motor vehicles, and has an exclusive hub of three squares.

There are plenty of shaded areas provided by the trees and one can truly unwind here. Chora is one of the most picturesque villages in the island of Folegandros. For those interested in short excursions, one can go up North to Chrissospilia, which is in close proximity to Chora. Here one can marvel at stalactite cave which is taken care of by the Archaeological Service.

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2 Reviews
Guest 2009-03
Great inspiration for artists
Chora of Folegandros is one of the prettiest Cycladic villages I have seen. White colour is so relaxing in the eye and narrow streets are so cute. All houses are sun shinned in the day and in the evening when the weather is cooler, you can pleasantly walk along neighbourhoods and check out the gift shops. The view from Chora is barren and rock, as the mountain slopes get suddenly into the sea. I think Chora gives excellent pictures for painters and photographers. Both the landscape and the locals could be great inspiration.
Guest 2008-06
Lively Chora
For me, Chora is the best village in Folegandros because all the other were very quiet. Chora can also get too much quiet some times but at least there are some bars and clubs there. The colours were white and blue, as in many other Greek islands. Many gift shops spread around and many grandmas in black sitting in the yard. In summer, the island gets a bit lively but I guess, in winter, it must be very lonely.

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