Folegandros Chrissospilia Cave

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Location: Chora

Chryssospilia Cave in Folegandros, Cyclades: Chryssospilia cave is believed to have constituted a place of worship in the past but the belief is uncertain as excavations are still in progress. The cave is protected by the Archaeological Service and therefore, requires a special permit from the community for visit and is not open to the public. Chryssospilia cave is an impressive natural monument, reachable only by boat. The cave is located on the northeastern side of Folegandros at a height of 10 meters above sea level.

The findings in the cave include remnants of human skeletons, broken vases, a Roman cistern, beautiful stalactites, and potsherds. The archaeologists have also discovered hundreds of ancient names and surnames on the cave walls written with clay material. These discoveries have given rise to the theory that the numerous chambered-caves were possibly a place of worship during the 4th century BC.



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