Introduction & General Information

Folegandros island is a paradise for everyone who discovers it. There are three main settlements or villages on the island. They are Chora (pronounced as Hora), Karavostassis (the port) and Ano Meria.

These villages are all well linked by a road. The smaller settlements of the island include Livadi and Petoussis. The natural setting of this island is very much peaceful and pleasant. The primary mode of transport is by bus. From Karavostasi fishing boats are available to take you to the various beaches. All types of vehicles are available for rent. There is a post office but no full-fledged banking facilities. Checks can be cashed at the post office.

The beach of Livadi is about 1 km from Karavostasi. There is the nice beach of Agali and other small coves to swim in. Folegandros is an ideal place for walking. Most footpaths are in very good condition. In springtime and early summer, the island is rich with caper flowers, thyme, and oregano.

Among other sites of interest are the caves of Chryssospilia and Faraggi. They can be reached from Karavostassis by boat. There is the Church of Panagia, dedicated to the Virgin Mary It is located above Chora on a clifftop. There is a medieval settlement of Kastro in Chora, which is protected by the Ministry of Culture and the Greek Archaeological Society.

There is the Folklore Museum housed in a traditional 19th-century building in Ano Meria. One imposing church, Kimisis Theotokou, is also a tourist draw at Chora. This church is illuminated at night and looks splendid. The Aspropounta Lighthouse, which can be reached from Ano Meria, was built in 1919. It is 58 meters above sea level with tall light measuring 11 meters.

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