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Folegandros island is a paradise for everyone who discovers it. There are three main settlements or villages on the island. They are Chora (pronounced as Hora), Karavostassis (the port) and Ano Meria.

These villages are all well linked by a road. The smaller settlements of the island include Livadi and Petoussis. The natural setting of this island is very much peaceful and pleasant. The primary mode of transport is by bus. From Karavostasi fishing boats are available to take you to the various beaches. All types of vehicles are available for rent. There is a post office but no full-fledged banking facilities. Checks can be cashed at the post office.

The beach of Livadi is about 1 km from Karavostasi. There is the nice beach of Agali and other small coves to swim in. Folegandros is an ideal place for walking. Most footpaths are in very good condition. In springtime and early summer, the island is rich with caper flowers, thyme, and oregano.

Among other sites of interest are the caves of Chryssospilia and Faraggi. They can be reached from Karavostassis by boat. There is the Church of Panagia, dedicated to the Virgin Mary It is located above Chora on a clifftop. There is a medieval settlement of Kastro in Chora, which is protected by the Ministry of Culture and the Greek Archaeological Society.

There is the Folklore Museum housed in a traditional 19th-century building in Ano Meria. One imposing church, Kimisis Theotokou, is also a tourist draw at Chora. This church is illuminated at night and looks splendid. The Aspropounta Lighthouse, which can be reached from Ano Meria, was built in 1919. It is 58 meters above sea level with tall light measuring 11 meters.

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21 Reviews
  • khm106 24 Aug 2017
    One of the most beautiful Greek islands
    We visited Folegandros in July this year, and we were amazed by how beautiful and raw this island was.
    Having just come from Mykonos, the calmness of Folegandros was very welcome.
    We stayed at Pavlos x 2 apartments which were sweet, simple and affordable, just what we were looking for, and just 5 minutes walk from Chora.

    The Chora is one of the most beautiful small "towns" (not exactly a town but more like a big village) we have visited - with stunning colours and very well taken care of. There are some great restaurants, and lovely bars to visit during the evening (Rakentia bar was our favourite - also great for brunch).

    Some lovely beaches, although as this island can get very windy, choosing which beach to go on the day does depend on the wind direction.
    Our apartment receptionist advised us every morning on which beach to go to on that day.
    We visited Agios Nikolaos beach by getting a little boat from Agali beach. You can also walk but probably not advisable in the heat.
    Agios Nikolaos was stunning, with a cute little restaurant (yummy food).
    We chose to walk back to Agali and at a slow pace it took us a little while (45 mins or so) - but we stopped many times for photos and videos as the views are incredible.
    On our second day we visited Katergo beach, by taking a boat from the port area Karavostasis. We stayed there for 3 hours, and the boat picked us up at around 6pm. This beach is also stunning but doesn't have any restaurant or facilities, so it is completely raw :) As it can get very hot, we would definitely recommend taking an umbrella. There is shade under the rocks but only from around 5pm. Definitely a must visit beach with beautiful clear waters (great for snorkelling!). Make sure to check the boat times maybe from the day before just to be prepared.

    On our last day we visited a much smaller beach called Puntaki (close to the port area). A very cute little private beach, but beware it is a nudist beach :)
    We parked the car on the main road and walked down the steep hill to the beach.

    We spent all our evenings in Chora and on the last evening my partner walked up to the Monastery to see the sunset - he got some awesome photos, and I do regret not going up now! Definitely worth a visit.
    We have actually made a short video to show how pretty Folegandros is:

    This so far is our favourite Greek island (Ithaki is our second favourite), and we already want to go back - hopefully next year!!!

  • georgia45 03 Sep 2012
    Vacation to remember
    This year, it was the first time that I did something rather risky, not booking a room in Folegandros. This made me very anxious and we actually had trouble finding one, for more than three hours walking around the port and Chora. Finally, there were some locals who helped us and we found a great traditional apartment right at the centre, a little bit expensive but totally worth the money if only for the view.

    Chora is among the best Choras ever all these years that I have been traveling in Greece. In Ano Mera (not that impressive as Chora, of course) we visited the little Folklore Museum.

    The beaches of Folegandros are also a delight, the most beautiful is Agali surrounded by the wild rocks and the greenish waters. This is a place to feel free and enjoy privacy. Just you and the wild nature even in August. Also beautiful but very rocky are the rest of the beaches.

    The scenery of Folegandros has the power to take away every negative thought. Relax in virgin beauty. I met some very intersting people in Folegandros and now I have reason to return.
  • young 18 Jan 2011
    A small treasure
    We arrived in Folegandros and as soon as we took the first glance we were shocked by the beauty of the island. Some people call Folegandros a true paradise. They are right: this is a small island where the natural beauty and the warm residents have made it very charming. The largest part of Folegandros is mountainous and rocky with a touch of green fields and traditional settlements were all these create an extraordinary scenery. A tour around the island is necessary in order to recognize its uniqueness. Luckily we stayed in Chora, we had all the amenities needed to enjoy a relaxing week.

    The beaches are a memorable characteristic of the island. We went to a beach called Ambeli which is small but has amazing green clear water. Nevertheless, you have to walk a long distance to get to the beach. On the other hand, Agali was organized and very busy in August. You must know that Folegandros is not popular for its nightlife but you will definitely find some bars and cafeterias in Chora. Don't forget to walk around Kastro.
  • spinkus 16 Jul 2010
    Best place to get away
    Folegandros is certainly not for those who are looking for package tourism. No water sports, no discos, no stylish restaurants, but suited me fine, as I had enough of these things on my recent visit to Mykonos. This time round, I just wanted to relax someplace peaceful, and as I walked along the weather-beaten foot paths on the beautiful terraced hillside taking in the fresh smells of wild thyme and oregano, it came to me that I could not have chosen a better place than Folegandrosto get away.

    I stayed in Chora, a traditional medieval town with buildings standing close to one another to form the external wall of the castle, a medieval fortress on the hilltop. The town is closed to car and motorcycle traffic because the streets are too narrow. I wandered around the quiet and picturesque town, and sat down under the shade of an old tree on one of the squares (there are three in a row!) to have a bite. The narrow streets are lined with little houses which have steep staircases and wooden balconies filled with pots of geraniums. With an amazing view of the Kastro, a medieval fortress at the top of the town, I found this to be one of the most romantic and peaceful spots in the world.

    I also visited Karavostassis, a small seaside village 3 km from Chora. It is a charming port with whitewashed houses and colorful fishing boats and yachts moored at the quay. From Karavostassis, I hiked to Livadi, a lovely beach with camping facility. Then there was this charming and totally rustic village of Ano Meria with its stone walls, tavernas and kafeneios.
  • gdf432 25 May 2010
    Waiting to be discovered
    We arrived at the small island of Folegandros and found to our pleasant surprise that it is exactly what the travel guides say about it: an island untouched by package tourism and waiting to be discovered. But, I was also convinced that the status quo may not last long, as many holidaymakers from the west have already got wind of the fact that the island is a true paradise, an untouched piece of true Greece, and they are busy packing their bags and heading this way.

    We stayed at the main village of Chora and toured around the island, which is quite a simple thing to do, as Folegandros is small in size. Chora is closed to cars and motorbikes because it has so narrow and paved paths. It has three central squares surrounded by shady trees under which you can enjoy a drink or a traditional meal in a perfectly peaceful atmosphere. As we walked around, we saw dry earthen walls erected by the islanders over the centuries to create terraces to grow their cereals and vegetables, and we were enveloped in the sweet scents of lemon trees, thyme and oregano.

    We hiked up the hill to visit the Church of Panagia and the view of Chora from up there was simply marvellous. Some nice hotels, shops and restaurants have sprung up at Karavostasi, the harbor. Most popular beaches were Karavostasi and Agali, small beaches with clean water and easy to go from Chora. At night, options were many and small bars in Chora and Karavostasi would stay open till late. One night, there was a beach party at the port with fires and we liked it very much.
  • mary_l 31 Jan 2010
    Awesome sea views from everywhere
    Folegandros is one of those lovely Greek islands that still live traditionally. The moment you step foot on the island, a relaxing sea breeze hits you and you get fascinated by the view of the wild nature and Chora that apprears gradually in the background. Our hotel was in Chora and from the balcony we had awesome views to the sea. Actually, you had amazing sea views from everywhere in Chora, the paths, the yard of the churches, the cafes.

    A bus run around the beaches, but be careful with the schedules because they are in a bit rare unfortunately. If you have a motorbike licence, rent a bike. It will make your holidays easier. Sadly we didn't have, and car rentals were a bit expensive last minute.

    Agali and Karavostasi are the beaches we went to, and both were great. As I understood, there are not many good beaches in Folegandros and most are rocky. But these two were just fine to relax. The fine taverns on the shore gave moments of shadow when the sun was burning. For all these reasons, Folegandroshas stayed in my mind as a relaxing place to be. I recommend it to all my friends who are looking for a laid-back island and I am proudly showing them my photos from Folegandros.
  • ceriw 12 Oct 2009
    Small and full beaches
    Folegandros has too few and too small beaches. People not so much friendly, particularly during accomodation search. During the same travel, I visited also Milos and I found it much better. It would useful to have a tourist office, customer oriented, that could indicate and maybe directly provide information about rooms to let and hotels (with prices and availability). I had a lot of troubles to get in touch with someone and to book a room.

    Folegandros is a pretty island but not so much enjoyable. The beaches are small, therefore they are always too full. I've been there on beginning of July and the people were too much compared to the island opportunity. Then accomodation are quite expensive and difficult to find. Don't sleep in the port area: boats arrived also during the night making you awake. I would suggest you stay there for 2-3 days and then continue your vacations somewhere else.
  • katrinaallen 26 Sep 2009
    A little gem but not bother haggling
    Me and my husband spent our honeymoon on Folegandros. We are into nudism and found the perfect little nudist beach here called Agios Nicolas. The water there is stunning. Most beaches are only accessible by foot, taking up to an hour to walk over fairly rough terrain (still, we navigated them in flip flops!). One beach we walked to had unfortunately fallen victim to an oil slick, which was such a shame because we had it to ourselves. Hopefully that will be cleaned up by the next time we go back. The Hora is very cute too, but the shop owners don't like haggling on this island, there are no bargains here!!
  • leez 01 Sep 2009
    I booked this hotel just hoping it was so close to the Chora as expected and I found a quiet heaven of bougainvilleas hanging from my balcony overlooking a neat swimming pool and the cathedral on the opposite hill... no need to say the owners' hospitality was as sweet as the accommodation, Maria was even willing to recharge my MP3 player on her PC!
  • active 05 Aug 2009
    Better go in the next future
    Folegandros is very dramatic. Beaches are beautiful though a little difficult to reach if you travel without a car and you don't want to rent one. We stayed in Karovastasis because we thought we could go easily to Katergo beach (on the guide it was written also "other beaches") but it was too windy to go there and so we went on the other side but it took for ever to go there and very expensive (between the bus and the boat). The centre of Folegandros is amazing and I agree it is one of the most beautiful among the Cyclades. I'm very concerned about the next developpement of the island. They are working to enlarge the port and I can see it's getting more and more touristy that is a good thing for the economy of the island but it can be a problem to keep the particular and authenthic atmosphere of the island. Keep the new urbanization under control. A lot of construction is on the way. Also, arrange earlier and more frequent bus and boat rides. 11 o' clock is just too late. I would not reccomend to spend a long period on Folegandros, especially if you don't have a car and if you have babies or children. Moving around by public transportation is quite exphensive (7 euros for a boat ride to go to the best beaches). If you want to go, you better go in the very next future. I can see that it is going to be different as soon as the new port will be finished. They are also building a lot of new houses.
  • aneskaviv 12 Jul 2009
    The most romantic island
    Folegandros is a quiet, refreshing and romantic place. In fact, this is the most romantic Greek island I have been. There was only one village worth to visit, Chora, which has lovely gift shops and small tavernas. Our best taverna was NE of the square in Chora and has great view to the sea. The walking paths are an interesting way to explore the remote areas. Beaches on Folegandros were clean and uncrowded. Try the boat tour around the island, it is the best way to see beaches that not even motorbikes go there. My children loved jumping from the cliffs into the sea. Food was perfect everywhere on the island. Service was great and people welcoming. Most of the waiters didn't speak English except for the necessary words and the menu but you could easily communicate.
  • joankam 07 May 2009
    Will develop more in the future
    Foelgandros is a small island, typically Greek with whitewashed buildings, narrow lanes and beautiful cafe areas in Chora. Lively port with some hotels and pebbly beach and few tavernas before being whisked away in a bus up to Chora. Surprised that nobody came to the port to offer rooms/ apartments and discovered that for a small island, it was very popular with very few vacancies.

    Lots of building work going on to accommodate travellers and I would envisage that the island will be a popular destination in the future offering many small apartment type accommodation with swimming pool. Regular bus trip to the beach, just 10 minutes away and optional small boat to a beautiful beach Nikolaos with clear blue seas. A few tents on the beach and a few spots to lie under the shade of some trees.

    An expensive island for accommodation and transport compared to the other Greek Islands. Many tourists hired scooters / quads but roads are not particularly safe so we opted for the local bus. Nightlife is eating out in the small squares, very busy. A wide choice of restaurants. Usual menu of fish (mostly frozen), moussaka, barbecued meat and greek salads. One restaurant on the main square with many tables served extremely unpalatable food and most people were leaving their meals. Very busy in the evenings so finding a table can be difficult. Best to get to the town early rather than later as the best restaurants are full and no-one is in a hurry to leave. A few bars with music but not really a party island. Very leisurely, families and couples.

    A path from Chora leads to a picturesque church at the top of a cliff and reached by a windy white path. Very attractive island, worth a visit for a short stay. Regular boats to other islands but have to check the times and days for specific islands. Day trips available to the other small islands, Milos, Sifnos. 4 hour boat trip on the ferry to Santorini on Thursdays, cost 7 Euros compared to 4 Euros just to get to the beach on Folegandros! Also, our accommodation for 5 people was 175 Euros per night - a rip off!!! Would recommend booking accommodation before arriving.
  • ta55yus 15 Dec 2008
    Get much cash with you
    I think Folegandros has one of the most picturesque Cycladic villages. Chora is very clean and traditional. The beaches are not the top but the views are magnificent. The island overall is a paradise for trekking fans and nature enthousiasts. The coffee shops are excellent and the food fairly priced. The only thing that caused us problems was that there is only one ATM machine on Folegandros and therefore when it is not fed, lots of people are left with no money. This is the reason we couldn't go the trip around the island, we were left of money. The locals should try to get a second ATM.
  • todlef34 30 Oct 2008
    Emotionally connected to Folegandros
    I am emotionally connected to Folegandros since I had worked there as a bartender about 10 years ago, when I was young. This summer, I returned to this beautiful island. Not much has changed, only more ferry itineraries have been added to Folegandros. Beaches are still clean and quiet, Chora is more beautiful than ever. I had missed walking on the paved paths of Chora and shopping from its small souvenir shops. Agali is the best beach to go swimming on Folegandros. My advice: go for some trekking around the island, you will see lovely churches and wild landscapes on your way.
  • mail 04 May 2008
    I was so surprised by seeing this wonderfull bays and beaches.
    You have to like walking for this wonderfull Island.
    But the donkey can also help you if your are friendly enough to him.
  • carcarx5 24 Apr 2008
    Beautiful island but expensive
    Folegandros is very dramatic. Beaches are beautiful though a little difficult to reach if you travel without a car and you don't want to rent one. We had a room in Karovastasis. The centre of Folegandros is amazing and I agree it is one of the most beautiful among the Cyclades. Everything was excellent. We tried metzata in a square in Hora and it was delicious. In Karovastasi we had great fish soup twice! However, I would not reccomend to spend a long period on this island, especially if you don't have a car and if you have babies or children. Moving around by public transportation is quite exphensive (7 euros for a boat ride to go to the best beaches). I'm also very concerned about the future developpement of the island. They are working to enlarge the port and I can see it's getting more and more touristy, that is a good thing for the
    economy of the island but it can be a problem to keep the particular and authenthic atmosphere of the island.
  • helen_r 07 Feb 2008
    Rural and windy
    I visited Folegandros last July, for 4 days. We went to Folegandros from Santorini and the Sea Cat took only less than an hour to go there. The island was rural and quiet, especially in the daytime when you had to find your own entertainment. But it came alive in night, with those wonderful bars in the village square! My favorite time was in the evening, while watching the sun set from the monastery above Chora town. The beaches were lovely, but it was a shame to see how much rubbish was on the cliff sides. I would like to see it cleaned up and adequate bins provided. The wind blows a lot of it over the side but it does spoil the views, especially up where the bus pick up point is in the square. If I had to put a degree on Folegandros, I would say 7 out of 10.
  • mario.dantona 11 Dec 2007
    Greek hospitality will provide all
    Folegandros: wild island now opening itself to the tourism. I spent there 3 days of strong meltemi, having base on Chora, and the only safe place for me was the beach of Andali!! Was the only place among the islands that I visited where I had some difficulties to find a room (having no reservation). I think that to preserve the island, as it now is, the number of visitors should be limited. I eat every day fish that is fresh an well cooked. Health reasons do not let me to taste the real greek cusine but, only one time, I did not resist to eat moussaka! Go as you please, no reservations, greek hospitality will provide all!
  • brit_33 16 Oct 2007
    Head up to Hora
    The Hora is dramatic, lively, vibrant and fun. Beaches are secluded due to being accessible mainly by boat or bus/long walk and even in height of season not too busy. Great island to people watch and do not much else! Worth paying more for hotel with cliff edge position in the Hora as the views are breathtaking and one of Fole's main features. Great restaurants, lots of choice in the Hora. Restaurant Chic and fish restaurant run by man with curly hair were our favourites! The port is very uninspiring - head up to Hora asap-forget the rest! Katergo beach was our favourite, not sandy but not as 'hippy' as some of the others.
  • galazia_taxidiotissa 11 Jul 2007
    The beauty of simplicity
    I am Greek, 27 years old and I have been to Folegandros this summer. At first, I thought I was going to get bored.But after we reached "Chora" (the island's capital) I knew I was wrong! I found out that there were several things to see, so many secret corners of this beautiful place that wait to be discovered! Everywhere I went, there was always something that attracted me to go towards it-the magnificent view from “Chora”, the crystal clear water of the “Katergo” beach, the originality of the people. Everything so simple and unspoilt by tourism-yet so majestic........

  • Ren 22 Jun 2007
    An authentic Greek island
    It was my first trip to Folegandros, I expected to see traditional villages and great beaches, I wasn't disappointed!! When I first arrived it was noticeable that this island was like no other. The landcape and breathtaking views were unique. The villages have a very authentic feel to them and the beaches were beautiful with fine sand and the clearest waters I have ever seen. This little island has done a good job with keeping its traditions alive and steering away from mass tourism.