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Kalampaka Village Meteora: Kalambaka is a tiny modern settlement close to Meteora. The most fascinating characteristic of the town is the spectacular setting of the precipitous Meteora rocks that border the northern part of the skyline. Kalambaka has a population of about 6,500 inhabitants. It is situated about 207 meters above sea level.

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The settlement of Kalambaka is the capital of the district of Kalambaka, which is within the prefecture of Trikala and is located in the northwest side. The ancient name of Kalambaka was Eginio as is evident from the findings dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman period. During the 10th century, Kalambaka was known by the name Stagi. Kalambaka has numerous accommodations for tourists visiting Meteora. The busy main thoroughfare has lots of little shops catering for the tourists, restaurants and cafes.

The town of Kalambaka is unpolluted and calm, with a single major thoroughfare running through the town like a backbone, and a number of squares decked with prolific fountains that become hotspots for the visiting tourists during late evening.

Kalambaka is a settlement with prosperous history and significant monuments, with the most grand of all being the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. This church is situated northeast of the settlement, at the base of the great rock by the name Agia. Kalambaka is built at the base of the rocks of Meteora at the left side of the Pinios River, at the portion where it flows into the Thessalian valley.

Kalambaka has very significant tourist attractions, like Aspropotamos (white river), Koziaka Mountain and Chasia. Kalambaka is well known all over the world due to the legendary monasteries built atop Meteora rocks, situated near the eastern and northern part of the settlement. The quarter of Sopotos is situated on the northeast side of the settlement of Kalambaka, which is very scenic and delimited by two enormous rocks: the rock of Holy Trinity to the east and the rock of Alsos to the north.

There are numerous churches and chapels dating back to the Byzantine period in this area. These structures have typical Byzantine frescoes and other architectural patterns. The local cathedral was built in the honour of Agios Vissarios. Among these, the most significant monument of Kalambaka is the church of the Assumption of Mary, a typical Byzantine housing the twin Byzantine icon of the Crucifixion of Christ and the Assumption of the Virgin.

There is a plethora of restaurants and traditional taverns in the town of Kalambaka and the surrounding villages. There are numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, and gift shops.

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Guest 2011-12
Loved the squares with fountains
This is a small town with character! Of course it is dominated by Meteora and obviously it owes all its prosperity to these giant rocks. Very touristic place with hotels and taverns that work all year. It must be one of the few places in Greece that has tourism all year and consider it is not close to sea, it is in the middle of the mainland. The good thing is the architecture with the small roof-topped houses, no block of flats and easy walking streets. The main square is very relaxing with the fountains and the taverns delicious, you could tell from miles that this food was homecooked.