Meteora Plastira Lake

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Location: Kalambaka

Thessaly Lake of Plastira: The famous Lake Plastira, located in the Prefecture of Karditsa, was named after Nikolaos Plastiras, a former Prime Minister of Greece. It is situated 30 km west of Karditsa town. The lake is actually artificial. The huge arch-shaped dam 83 m high and some 200m in length, created a reservoir and this artificial lake.

The picturesque Lake Plastira in the Agrafa Mountains has brought prestige and fame not only to Karditsa region but to all of Greece too. Villages like Mesenikolas, Morfovouni, Kerasia, Kalyvia Pezoula, Neraida, Belokomitis, Kastania, Lambero, and others, surrounding the lake are truly enchanting because of the splendid view and sylvan backdrop.

Lake Plastira is magical with verdant woods comprising of oak, plane and chestnut trees and abundant flowing water. It is an ideal place for romantic holidays and a favorite honeymoon location. It is a beautiful place offering the opportunity for action-packed holidays with diverse activities such as horse riding, mountain biking, canoeing, boating, rambling and rafting available.

It is an ideal choice for nature lovers and religious tourists as there are numerous churches and monasteries in the region, the most awe-inspiring of these being the Meteora monasteries atop the rock towers. It is not very far from Lake Plastira. Lake Plastira is among the top must-visit destinations in Greece.

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