Introduction & General Information

Nafpaktos Greece is the capital of the municipality of Nafpaktia, in the prefecture of Etoloakarnania. It is one of the oldest towns in Greece, with a history of 3,500 years. Nafpaktos is located between Messolonghi and Delphi, opposite the Peloponnese. One of its distinctive features is that it is built amphitheatrically on the southern side of a hill of 200 meters of height, and has a small port on its foot.

The legendary Castle of Nafpaktos lays on top of this hill. Its walls are in general well preserved, and keep their ramparts and towers on their top. In addition, the visible masonry variations that appear on many parts of the walls are a living testimony of the Ancient, Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman periods that the construction and reinforcement of this building went through.

Moreover, the citadel that surrounds it, counts on a cluster of chambers and a large cistern that used to provide autonomy of water in case of a siege. These and other remains of the ancient times can be enjoyed in the city, although the castle and the fortification are the most imposing ones.

In addition, the castle counts on several restaurants and bars inside, providing not only great dishes, but also beautiful sights towards the sea. Nafpaktos also counts on a good level of infrastructure outside the castle, including many accommodation options. The vast facilities also assure a good nightlife to the city.

In summer, many cultural events take place, many of them related to music, dance, and theatre, as well as to exhibitions of paintings, photography, and books. For those who love the sea and sun, there are some great beaches on the east and west side.