Nafpaktos Map

Nafpaktos is one of the most picturesque towns in Sterea region, deeply rooted in history. Nafpaktos remained in the hands of many leaders throughout the centuries, who left a plethora of traces which still survive. Among them is the Venetian Castle and Botsaris Tower. The seaside town exists from antiquity and took part in major historical events which had a strong impact in the town.

Today, the beautifully well-preserved town of Nafpaktos is extremely picturesque with a plethora of surviving monuments like the castle that dominates on top of the hill, traditional houses found at the center, cobbled streets, and mansions and finally a collection of idyllic beaches with crystal clear waters. The main settlement thrives with activity for the plethora of tourist shops and facilities found in its beautiful surrounds.

This section proposes a map of Nafpaktos with all the major locations.

Meanwhile, view a map of Nafpaktos and where is Nafpaktos.

Map Of Nafpaktos