Nafpaktos Geography

Nafpaktos is a small seaside town with an interesting history, in western Greece. Geographically it is located just opposite Patras, on the southern coast of Sterea. Administratively, it belongs to the prefecture of Etoloakarnania, the largest prefecture in Greece. Nafpaktos spreads amphitheatrically along the slopes of a hill and around a small port. On top of a hill above the town, there is a strong Venetian Castle. The town is surrounded by the lush greenery of pine forests.

In front of the port, there is a large bay of crystal water. Some parts of the beach are pebbled, while others are sandy. Also, a part of it is organized. The region around Nafpaktos is mountainous and green. Forests of pine trees and groves of olive trees dot the area, while there are many monasteries here and there. These monasteries date from the Byzantine and the early Christian times.

The geography of Nafpaktos has many green areas and beautiful hilly spots. About an hour drive north of Nafpaktos, there is a region of great natural beauty. Forests of pine trees, rivers, waterfalls, and small, traditional villages mark the landscape. This area is called Orini (Mountainous) Nafpaktia and the most popular villages are Ano Chora, Kato Chora, Platanos and Elatou.

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