Poros Church of Agios Georgios

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Location: Town

Agios Georgios Church is the first-ever established church in Poros. Founded in 1861, it is located in the oldest district of Poros, Kasteli, in the center of the town. The church was built to honor Saint George of the Greek Orthodox Religion. It follows the architectural style of most Greek Orthodox churches, however, its true beauty and uniqueness lie on the inside.

According to certain inscriptions inside the church, its dome was decorated in 1907. All over its surface, you can see vivid images and colorful murals of Greek Orthodox Saints and other important figures of the bible. These murals surround the main fresco of Jesus Christ. Most of them reflect the Roman Era pattern of wall painting, but some reliefs, like the masterful wooden throne of the church, have been influenced by neoclassicism.

Most of the frescoes and relics inside the church were created by Konstantinos Parthenis, an artist who was probably hired by a rich local admiral to adorn the first and longest-running church of Poros.



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