Peloponnese Festivals

Information about the Festivals in Peloponnese, in Greece but also information about the festivals and panigiria in many locations of the group: the Peloponnese offers characteristic examples of traditional feasts and night-long festivals. Old traditions and customs revive through the big celebrations which are held annually in the villages and towns of Peloponnese. The great celebrations of the area are usually associated with the religious feasts which are highly-honored by the locals. These feasts include traditional food, wine, and folklore dances which can go on to the early morning hours in the villages.
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Religious festivals

August 15th

Many traditional celebrations take place in Peloponnese on August 15th, the feast for the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. There are panigiria in many villages and towns around Peloponnese, with a litany in the evening before followed by traditional dancing in the central square.

Cultural events

Epidaurus Greek Festival

Events of the Greek Festival take place in the Ancient Theatre and the Little Theatre of Epidaurus in the weekends of July and August. These events include performances of ancient Greek drama, musical concerts, and dancing shows.

Festival of Argos-Mycenae

The Summer Festival of Argos-Mycenae is organized from June to August and includes theatre performances, musical concerts, dance shows, dancing of traditional groups, lectures and thematic evenings. These events are presented in the ancient theatre of Argos, in the archaeological site of Mycenae, in various venues of Nafplion, schoolyards and village squares.

Carnival of Patras

The Carnival of Patras is the major event of the town and the most famous carnival in Greece. Carnival celebrations last for about 40 days, but they peak on the weekend before Lent Monday. That Saturday evening, there is a large parade and so in on Sunday evening. On Sunday evening, the "burning of the Carnival King" marks the end of the carnival.

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