Patra Festivals & Cultural Events

Patra, the third largest town of Greece, hosts many religious and cultural festivities all year round.

Religious feasts & festivals

November 30th
The largest religious festival of Patra is on November 30th, the name day of Agios Andreas, protector of the town. This day is a public holiday for the town and all schools, shops and public services are closed.

Cultural events

The Carnival of Patras is the major event of the town. This is the largest carnival in Greece and one of the most famous in Europe. Carnival celebrations last for about 40 days, but they peak on the weekend before Lent Monday. That Saturday evening, there is a large parade and so in on Sunday evening. On Sunday evening, the "burning of the Carnival King" marks the end of the carnival.

International Film Festival
The International Film Festival of Patras takes place in October and screenings are presented in Apollo Theatre, in the center of the town. Directors from Greece and many foreign countries take place.

International Shadow Theatre Festival
The International Shadow Theatre Festival of Patras takes place every September. Performances of international shadow theatres are presented as well as performances of the typical Greek hero of shadow theatre, Karagiozis.

International Festival of Patras
The International Festival of Patras takes place in summer and includes theatre performances, musical concerts, lectures, photo and painting exhibitions.