Patra Geography

Constructed around the Gulf of Patraikos, Patra is a modern city with a long history. This is the third largest city in Greece with a population of about 160,000 residents. It is also one of the most important ports of the country, as it connects mainland Greece to the Ionian island and Italy. Its large port also serves cargo ships.

The geography of Patra has unspoiled characteristics. The town spreads from the slopes of Panachaiko Mountain to the port. It is a modern building with ample squares and large avenues, one of the few cities in Greece that were constructed according to an architectural plan. On a hill overlooking Patras, there is a strong fortress that protected the region in the Venetian and the Ottoman times.

Although Patras is a modern city, the surrounding region (Achaia Prefecture) is pretty traditional and untouched by tourism. Beautiful villages dot the sides of mountains Panachaiko and Erymanthos and lovely lakes can be visited, such as lake Tsivlou. The coasts of Patraikos Gulf also offer sandy and pebbled beaches to swim, such as Psathopyrgos and Vrahneika.

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