Patra Map

Patra is one of the liveliest cities in Peloponnese and the capital of Achaia prefecture. The largest commercial center and port of Peloponnese as well, with great tourist movement throughout the year. Peloponnese is connected to Sterea through the famous bridge Rio-Antirrio, one of the largest in Europe. The whole area consists of beautiful coasts and mountainous landscapes, verdant forests and traditional settlements which carry a nostalgic atmosphere from the past.

The modern town of Patra is characterized for its world-famous facilities, buildings which are beautifully preserved, wide roads and picturesque quarters. Being close to the Ionian islands and Italy, Patra is the meeting point of both Greek and European crowds. Patra draws global attention for the Carnival Parade which is held during February attended by the thousands of visitors. Countless sites and beautiful spots can be seen inside and outside of the city and visitors will enjoy a pleasant summer holiday or a short trip to Peloponnese.

This section proposes a map of Patra with all the major locations.

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Map Of Patra