Zakynthos Maherado

General information

The village of Maherado in Zakynthos has a population of about 1000 inhabitants. The beautiful mountainous village is located south of Zakynthos Town.

Its main attraction is the church of Agia Mavra with its impressive Venetian belfry and collection of fine frescoes and icons. The church is famous for housing the miraculous icon of Agia Mavra which is surrounded by various offerings among which is the valuable and beautiful jewel of Queen Olga. In proximity to Agia Mavra stands the Monastery of Eleftherotria, one of the most charming religious buildings on the island.

In the vicinity of Maherado lies the Monastery of Yperagathou.

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1 Review
  • ashley20245 19 Jun 2008
    Small and quiet
    Maherado is generally a small and quiet village, except when groups of tourists come to cheer it up. No particular sights, just one of the regular villages of Zakynthos. However, go visit it because Greek villages in general are much different from villages in Britain, where I come from. I do not believe there is a hotel there, so just go for a meal in the square and wander across the nice houses.