Zakynthos Church of Agia Mavra

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Location: Maherado

The Orthodox Church of Agia Mavra is located in Macherado village, 10 km from Zakynthos Town and it is dedicated to Saint Mavra and her husband Saint Timothy, both martyrs. You will spot it easily thanks to an almost 40-meter tall Venetian belfry with a pointy roof that dates to 1802, which stands right beside the church.

Its known history starts with a reconstruction that took place in 1631, although the church is even older. It was constructed at the place where an icon of Saint Mavra was found, which is said to have miraculous properties.
The church remained intact for many centuries, even after the earthquake of 1953, but a fire destroyed a big part of its interior in 2005, along with invaluable murals, frescoes and other works of art. There are ongoing reconstruction works and a large part of the church has been successfully restored thanks to fundraising.

Entering the church, you will see beautiful icons, carved details and stained-glass windows. The icon of Saint Mavra also survived the fire.

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