Kythira Monastery of Agia Elesa

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Location: Livadi

The Monastery of Agia Elesa in Kythira, Ionian: One of the most impressive monasteries of Kythira is the Monastery of Agia Elesa, located between Chora and Livadi. This monastery is built on a hill amidst a small pine tree forest. From this location, it provides a gorgeous view to Melidoni beach and the surrounding landscape. The catholikon (main church) of this monastery was built in 1871 on the site of an ancient church. It has interesting frescoes and it is dedicated to Saint Elesa, who martyred for her faith on this site.

Agia Elesa was the daughter of Eladios and was born in Peloponnese. As her father didn't approve her converting to Christianism, she came to Kythira and became a nun. However, her father chased and killed her on the site of the monastery, in 375 AD. Since then, she is considered a saint protector of the island. Her name day is celebrated on August 1st. The monastery offers a breathtaking view of the sea and it's well worth visiting.



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