Kythira Castle of Mylopotamos

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Location: Mylopotamos

The Castle of Mylopotamos is also known as the castle of Kato Chora. Although it is currently abandoned, at least a few of its houses used to be inhabited up until the mid- 20th century.

The inscription at its gate and the sculpted lion adorning it suggest that the castle was constructed under the rule of the Venetians in 1566, although Byzantine churches located within its walls indicate that a much older settlement already existed there before the fortification.
It is believed that mainly families originating from Cyprus and Crete used to live there.

Visitors can easily reach the castle by car and then stroll around its alleys on foot.
Walking around, you will notice many well-preserved houses, while 9 churches that date to the 16th and the 17th century can also be found inside the castle.

The good condition of the castle will make your visit feel almost like a trip back to the middle ages.
If you happen to get there around the evening, keep in mind that it is considered one of the best places on the island for watching the sunset.



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