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Mylopotamos Village Kythira: Mylopotamos is one of the most beautiful medieval villages of Kythira. It is divided into three settlements which are Kato Chora, Limionas and Agia Sophia. Alluringly verdant, set in a wooden valley, this village is an oasis in the summer. It is located 15 km west of Chora, the capital of Kythira.

On its central square, a little church and a nice kafeneion are standing under the shadow of the trees. A waterfall called Neraida (water nymph) adds even more to the lovely image of the square. Kato Chora is the settlement with the oldest traditional architecture characteristics of the English school and the Venetian fortress.

This abandoned Kastro is built on the extension of a rock. It is small and was a refuge for the inhabitants, in case of an attack. In the entrance of the fortress is the well-preserved symbol of Venetian domination, the lion of Saint Markos.

Inside the walls, houses and exceptional Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches have been maintained. Among them is the church of Agios Athanasios, Panagia Mesosporitissa and Agios Ioannis Prodromos.

From Kato Chora, a beautiful stone paved road leads to the astonishing cliffs of Limionas, a rocky bay with fine white sand. Another road leads from the centre of the medieval village to the very interesting sightseeing of the cave of Agia Sophia which entrance has been used as a church and has a beautiful iconostasis carved in the rock with important Byzantine frescoes: it is the beautiful small monastery of Panagia tis Orfanis (the Virgin Mary of the Orphans).

A wonderful ravine begins before Mylopotamos and passes through it ends, forming a small waterfall called Fonissa (murderer) of a particular natural beauty. Mylopotamos offers a few hostels, one restaurant near the waterfall and a lovely kafenion.

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Hotel3 stars

Athena Hotel is a new 3-star hotel. It is located in Kythira island, in Mylopotamos, a village of natural beauty. Built with particular architecture in a space of 4 acres it is completely harmonized with the landscape. From Athena Hotel there is an excellent view of the green surrounding hills and ...



Studios Rooms 

Set in Fratsia village, the geographical center of Kythira island, Volta rooms consists of 4 fully equipped, spacious, traditional apartments. Each apartment offers free WiFi access, kitchen/kitchenette, fridge, A/C, TV, kitchenware, and free private parking. From the village, you can tour around ...


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2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 22 Oct 2016
    There are three caves of Agia Sofia on the island, but the cave near Mylopotamos is certainly the best. It is a very large cave and it is a wonderful experience visiting it.
    The guide narrates extremely interesting stories (historical and legends), and there is no chance you could get out not amused.

    Pay attention if you go in September, due to changes in working hours (not working every day).
    And pay really really big attention on the road. It is asphalt, but very dangerous. Many turns, very narrow, and the very end can be tricky - the road ends just behind the turn. If you are fast, you are flying into the abyss.
  • ablutsauger 15 Oct 2016
    The Greatest Part of Kythira
    Mylopotomas is famous for its (nearby) waterfalls, watermills and cave.

    Very special, dreamy, original and cute. Worth a walk and a nice coffee/lunch afternoon.

    Sadly, last winter was not rainy, so there were no waterfalls, but despite of that - wonderful!!!! Wonderful experience, trust me! Walk the complete path, all the way through the woods and you won't regret it. Nature, greenery, remnants of watermills, bridges, puddles of water. Dreamy and worth taking a walk!