Kythira Cave of Agia Sofia

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Location: Mylopotamos

Note: Temporarily closed.
The cave of Agia Sofia is located about 60m above sea level near the villages of Kapsali and Mylopotamos. There is an asphalt road that goes to the cave but it has some twists, so extra attention is needed. The cave has nice formations of stalactites and stalagmites inside and like all caves, the atmosphere is chilly inside. In fact, the average temperature is 16oC even in summer, with a humidity of 73%.

Inside the cave, there is a nice church with an open roof dedicated to Saint Sofia. A legend says that her dead body was found there and the residents of Mylopotamos village built a chapel in 1875 to honor her. This church has some holy icons and fine frescoes, such as the fresco with the figure of Agia Sofia and her three daughters (Love, Faith, and Hope) right at the entrance. Some remains of the early Christian era have also been found in the cave, indicating that Christian cults were held there.



1 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 22 Oct 2016
    There are three caves of Agia Sofia on the island, but the cave near Mylopotamos is certainly the best. It is a very large cave and it is a wonderful experience visiting it.
    The guide narrates extremely interesting stories (historical and legends), and there is no chance you could get out not amused.

    Pay attention if you go in September, due to changes in working hours (not working every day).
    And pay really really big attention on the road. It is asphalt, but very dangerous. Many turns, very narrow, and the very end can be tricky - the road ends just behind the turn. If you are fast, you are flying into the abyss.