Kythira Stone Bridges

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Location: Livadi

The Stone Bridges of Kythira Greece, Ionian: The island of Kythira has two beautiful arched stone-built bridges that remain from English domination, as they were part of their protection system. The biggest one is found in the village of Livadi, more specifically in the area of Kato Livadi. This village is placed at 4 km in North direction from the main town of Kythira. Livadi has several English remains, among which its bridge, known as the Bridge of Katouni is included, along with many manor houses.

The Bridge of Katouni counts almost 180 years and has a length of 110m and a height of 15m. Its 13 arches are in absolute symmetry and its monumental size dominates Livadi. It has the particularity of counting on a series of holes between its arches and now it is known that they served for lessening the stiffness of the bridge and making it more balanced. Despite the passing of time, the design and the excellent construction of Katouni Bridge are still remarkable architectural exponents.

There is a tradition explaining the creation of this bridge, which says that an English governor of the island called MacFale fell in love with a young girl who used to live in a settlement called after his own name. Driven by his desire to see her, he decided to create this monumental bridge near her house, in order to have better access to the place where she lived.

Another important bridge found in Kythira is the one belonging to the village of Potamos, which is the largest on the island and the main point of its Northern side. It constitutes a remarkable monument and it was restored some years ago. In fact, it is still in use. By visiting these bridges, you are going to experience the ancient vibe of the island in a wonderful way.



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