Museums in Greece & the islands

The many museums in Greece constitute a major reference point for the culture and identity of the country where visitors have a total view of the birth and the flourishing of the ancient Greek art, the main source of inspiration for the western world, the beautiful Byzantine architecture and the folklore tradition in the 18th century-spanning 6,000 years of civilization in Greece.
Museums in Greece are national or private. There are located in all cities but also in many villages. You will find below a guide and photos of the most interesting archaeological, Byzantine and folklore museums.

The museums in Greece host countless exhibits which span over thousands of years of human civilization, achievements and conquests. The 300 national and private museums keep a huge treasure of cultural wealth, from the Neolithic to modern times. The archaeological, Byzantine and Historical museums are those which highlight the aspects of ancient and modern Greece.
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Archaeological museums

The most important archaeological museums are located close to the archaeological sites, discovering the traces of civilizations that once prospered in and around the area. The most important museums are the Archaeological Museum of Athens, the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, Museum of Ancient Olympia, Museum of Mycenae and the New Acropolis Museum. Equally important are the hidden treasures that are kept in the lesser known archaeological museums of Greece, like the ones in the Cycladic islands.

Byzantine museums

Many museums in the country are devoted to the Byzantine art owing a bewitching collection of exquisite marble architecture, mosaics, and rare manuscripts. One of the best exhibits from that era can be traced in Athens Byzantine museum and Thessaloniki Byzantine museum.

Folklore museums

The Folklore museums focus on the traditional works of art that local artists made through the ages. These include traditional uniforms, jewels, agricultural tools, furniture, and great paintings. One of the museums of Greece that lead by example is the Folklore Museum of Nafplion as well as the Benaki Museum in the center of Athens. Equally, interesting folklore museums can be found in many Greek islands and villages around the country.

Museums in popular holiday destinations

You will find below information about museums you can visit in some popular locations and Greek islands:
Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Skiathos, Rhodes, Kos, Heraklion in Crete, Zakynthos and Corfu.

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