Museums in Mykonos

Mykonos is a beautiful place of major historical interest that is well-preserved to this day. A visit to the museums of the island is highly recommended starting from the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. Here visitors will enjoy a vast collection of exhibits from the Hellenistic period and prehistoric times including vessels, statues, and columns. Equally important is the museum in the sacred place of Delos. Imposing buildings, sanctuaries and exquisite collections of sculptures and other findings can be viewed.

In Chora, the capital of Mykonos is home to many museums which highlight the island's rich legacy, in the history and the tradition. The agricultural museum of Mykonos can give you a small tour of the agricultural way of life of the Mykonians, daily items and methods used at that time. The Folklore Museum of Mykonos offers an interesting journey in the traditional Mykonian life in the last century. The exhibition hosts typical Mykonian furniture, icons, photos, post-byzantine sculptures, and historical documents.

A special section of the museum is the famous Lenas House, a traditional 19th-century middle-class Mykonian house. Also worth seeing is the Maritime Museum of Mykonos, where is unfolded the nautical history of Mykonos through instruments, tools, and various other exhibits. After completing your tour of the museums of Mykonos, you can pay a visit to the Municipal Library housed in the magnificent old mansion. The library is composed of a great number of books that locals donated including history, poetry, political and literature as well as rare manuscripts.