Museums in Paros

Paros is home to many museums that provide insight into the life, culture, and history of the island. The island is linked to many historical periods beginning from the paleolithic times to modern times. Thus it is no wonder that the most interesting museum in the Aegean Sea is the archaeological museum of Paros.

The museum lies close to Panagia Ekantontapiliani, one of the island's religious symbols and includes hundreds of findings from the Neolithic to Roman times. The entire history of Paros is re-created before your eyes through a vast collection of sculptures, vessels, statues, and other items. If you care to visit the actual church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani you will also get a tour of the small Byzantine Museum that displays rare icons, jewelry, and relics. The church of Agios Athanasios in Naoussa is also home to another Byzantine collection that will impress you.

Paros is the birthplace of many artists and the art lovers will definitely enjoy visiting the Sculpture Museum in Marpissa village. The art museum showcases the fine works of a famous Parian sculptor, Nikos Perantinos. The folklore museums of Paros are scattered in the villages of Aliki and Lefkes. Visitors will have a complete view of the tools and items used by the locals in the previous century.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Paros is located in the capital town, Parikia. It hosts findings from excavations on the island, mostly from the sanctuaries of Apollo and Asklepios. The most famous exhibit is the statue of Gorgo.

Byzantine Museum

Housed in the Church of Ekatontapiliani, the Byzantine Museum of Parikia exhibits a collection of rare and valuable icons, various religious relics and other ecclesiastical items dating from the post-Byzantine period.

Naoussa Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum is housed in the church of Agios Athanasios, at the entrance of Naoussa. It has many Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, crosses, and nice ecclesiastical items.

Byzantine Art Museum

The Byzantine Art Gallery of Marpissa is found close to the central square of the village and hosts mostly religious exhibits.

Sculpture Museum

The Sculpture Museum of Paros is found in Marpissa village and it is dedicated to the local artist, Nikos Perantinos. This museum also organizes sculpture courses in summer.

Folklore Art Museum

The Folklore Art Museum of Lefkes is exhibiting a collection of various everyday objects, utensils, embroideries, textiles, tools and more, showing the traditional life of the inhabitants of Paros in the past.

Wine Museum

In the fishing village of Naoussa, there is a wine and vine museum in an old building that was owned by winemaker Ioannis Boutaris.

Skorpios Folklore Museum

This special museum is situated in Aliki and houses crafts made by the artist Benetos Skiadas. It hosts a collection of a miniature collection of sailing boats, fishing boats and ships.

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