Rhodes Movies

Movies Filmed in Rhodes: Rhodes Island has provided the setting for many films and series. In fact, two well-known Hollywood movies were filmed on Rhodes, the Guns of Navarone and the Escape to Athena. The Guns of Navarone was released in 1961 and was based on a popular 1957 novel written by Alistair MacLean.

The plot deals with an Allied commando who tries to destroy a powerful German fortress, in 1943. Navarone is a small island where guns to protect the fortress are situated. The commando and his team decide to land on Navarone and explode the guns. After plenty of misfortunes and troubles, they complete their task and the film finishes with a spectacular explosion. This film was a major box office success and became one of the 1961 most important films. It was directed by J. Lee Thompson and many famous actors starred, like Gregory Peck, David Niven, Anthony Quinn, Stanley Baker, and Irene Papas.

The Escape to Athena was released in 1979 and was also set during the 2nd World War. It is an adventure war film with some comedy elements about a strong Greek resistant movement that took place on a small island. This movement prepares the landing of the Allies and plans to overtake a prisoner camp, run by an Austrian general, played by Roger Moore. This Austrian general loves antiques and actually has forced his prisoners to work in archaeological excavations, in exchange for a more comfortable treatment. Apart from Roger Moore, Terry Savalas, Claudia Cardinale, and David Niven also star in this film, directed by George Pan Cosmatos.

Except for these well-known films, there are also other less famous movies and series that have been set on Rhodes. This Aegean island provides the appropriate landscapes for a nice movie background.