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Belonging to the Dodecanese chain of islands, Nisyros island is located between the islands of Tilos and Kos. Famous mainly for its volcano, which is located near its center, and close to the village of Nikia, the island of Nisyros is ideal for a quiet and relaxing vacation.

The capital of the island is Mandraki, which is also its harbor, and here you can witness the unique architecture of the island, with white-washed homes and narrow streets. The Monastery of Panagia Spiliani is located on an imposing rock over Mandraki and is a popular attraction.

Some other places of interest include the Castle of Spiliani, the Monastery of Panagia and many other temples and historical sites. You can reach the closest airport to Nisyros, by a 2-hour boat journey. The volcano is the most visited attraction, which allows visitors to walk over the crater, a memorable experience as the volcano is still semi-active. There is frequent transportation to the volcano and the entire trip is breathtakingly beautiful.

The island is easily accessible and can be reached by ferry from Kos and Pireaus. There are daily trips from Kardamena village in Kos, during summer. Nisyros also has a heliport.

Another attraction is the thermal springs in Loutra, which are still operational today. Regarding entertainment, Nisyros has a very quiet nightlife with peaceful and beautiful taverns, cafes and bars available around the island.


6 Reviews
  • gealio33 05 Jun 2011
    Tiny island with smily people
    Nisyros is an island not familiar to most tourists. It is a small island located in Dodecanese. Its incomparable beauty is based on volcanic upheavals. Mandraki, the capital of the island, distinguishes for its picturesque white washed houses, the flat roofs and the colorful stones. Especially the view from the Castle was amazing! I was surprised by the unspoilt beauty of Nisyros, it almost seemed from another time. We were happy to see the biggest part of the village and the beauties hidden in this wonderful place.

    Nikia is a picturesque mountainous village we visited. The colorful balconies and the terraces with flowers filled our hearts with joy. In a walking distance from Nikia, there is the Volcano, with the hot steam springs and the strange flora! Actually a group of volcanologists from Northern Europe had come to visit Nisyros while we were there, which shows how important this island is.

    The beaches of Nisyros are small but clean. Not the impressive beaches of Rhodes or the organized beaches of Kos, but small lovely coves with sand and clean water. The taverns at the beachside were delicious! My favourite kind of holidays: a tiny Greek island with few tourists, good food and smily people.
  • 34gyt 13 Nov 2009
    Risky experience
    I had heard about Nisyros from some friends who spent two weeks there, but we went only for a day from Kos. There are boats from Kardamena in Kos that go to Nisyros in the morning and come back in the evening. It is a small island but loveable, with cute white houses and nice people. I was surprised that so few gift shops are open in Nisyros, which shows that the island is still laid-back and doesn't depend much on tourism, a good thing for me. I don't know much about the beaches because we took a swim only in the beautiful beach close to the port, when we got back from the volcano. The tour to the volcano was interesting. We went with the bus from the port and stopped at a nice village called Nikia. This village had gorgeous views to the volcano and the wild landscape of the island. We were adviced to be very careful when walking on the volcano because it is still active and any careless move could cause problems. Very risky and impressive in a whole as an experience...
  • wu23io98 31 May 2009
    Craters were steaming
    It is amazing how small islands can depict such a vivid summer view! I didn't like Kos much and I had regreted to rent a room in Kardamena (so noisy at night that you get headaches all day!). So, right before I book ferry tickets to go to Rhodes, I saw a leaflet about Nisyros, an island I hadn't heard before (when I saw on the map how small it is I understood why), so I though maybe I should give this tiny island a try... After all, it wouldn't be worst that Kardamena...

    Nisyros captivates you from the first moment. While the boat is getting close to the harbour, you see a lovely vilage, which is also the capital, Mandraki. Can you say capital a village of 20-30 houses? Anyway, I mean it is the largest village in Nisyros and you find all amenities there (few, of course!). Village Nikia is also very charming. In the midday, locals take the siesta and nobody walks in the streets. It was like an empty village! The only thing you could hear was the TV sound and some dogs barking. I hadn't seen a volcano from so close. It is situated among mountains and it is still active. The ground was almost boiling, I guess it was from the volcano (not from the sun). It must be from the volcano because at some points the crater were steaming.
  • irini27 19 Feb 2009
    Cafes close at midnight
    We visited Nisyros two summers ago. After we spend ten days in Rhodes, we went to Nisyros for three days before we come back to Athens. The island's top was of course the Voclano that is still active today. We had a motorbike and could make the round of Nisyros. Most roads were track, so a car would be unconvenient anyway. The villages were very picturesque, I best liked Nikia and Mandraki. From beaches, try Katsouni and Pali. Nightlife doesn't exist on Nisyros, you will be lucky if a cafeteria will close a bit after midnight. Anyway, we had been to so many parties and clubs in Rhodes that we didn't mind not going out in Nisyros.
  • hu77go090 14 Oct 2008
    Do not wake up the beast
    If you are in Kos, it is a pity not to take the boat and go to Nisyros, only one hour away. This is the most popular way to get there, because actual ferries on the island are rather rare. Nisyros is a wild beauty! I had never heard of it, although I am visiting Greece every summer for the past seven years. I felt by chance on a sigh about boats to Nisyros while I was in Kardamena, Kos, so I said why not see another Greek island?

    Nisyros has pure beaches and picturesque villages. We went only for one day, but in the end we decided to spend the night and see the rest of the island. I believe Mandraki is the most beautiful village, although Nikia is also nice. The greatest attraction of the island is of course the Volcano, still active till today as we were told. It was a wonderful experience to walk around the crater and pray not to wake up the beast!! Best beach on Nisyros was Katsouni. For accommodation, I suggest Liotridia, where we stayed. Excellent and traditional atmosphere!!
  • wendybren 16 Jul 2008
    An exciting experience
    I went to Nisyros while visiting some friends in Kos with my husband. I took the ferry from Kardamena, it was easy because the routes are very often during summer. Nisyros was quite a surprise for me. It is a peaceful island, but the sense of the semi-active volcano is spread around the whole place. I could't believe I really walked over the crater. It is very impressive, for sure a must visit! It is one of the most exciting experiences you can get on Nisyros, since it is not the place with a strong nightlife. We also enjoyed swimming at the beach of Lies and Mandraki village, the capital, with the typical, but still beautiful white houses.