Nisyros Map

Nisyros is a volcanic island, often characterized as an open geology museum, located in the Dodecanese, between Kos, Tilos, and Astypalea. The rich diversity of scenery, castles and monasteries, colorful houses and whitewashed paths captivate all visitors. Due to its volcanic background, volcanic rocks are found in great abundance on the island, also much of flora and fauna. It is worth mentioning that the volcano of Nisyros is one of the youngest volcanoes in Greece, still active.

Mandraki, the capital town, expresses its imposing and picturesque character with a great collection of mansions, squares and dozens of churches. The surrounding mountainous settlements are equally beautiful and attractive offering the best views of the sea and the famous volcano. Visiting Nisyros is a unique experience.

This section proposes a map of Nisyros with all the major locations of the island.

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Map Of Nisyros